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Full Version: Lipstick KO's Alexeev to set up bout with Lanky
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Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn retained his world heavyweight title with a sensational 12th round knockout over the excellent challenger Aleksander Alexeev to set up a bout with his cousin Lanky "Maxy" Gawn who had earlier destroyed Cyrus "Iron" Virus in 4 rounds.

The two fighters will now collide on April 20th in a heavyweight super fight that will finally sort out who is the best of the Gawns. Lipstick, who had recently retired expecting to be inducted into the HOF, made a quick comeback when people questioned his worth despite him being the most successful heavyweight of all time. They said he didn't give Alexeev a rematch so he's come back and knocked Alexeev out. They said he never boxed Lanky....well on April 20th that is all about to change.

Against Alexeev Lipstick once again showed why he is such a force at heavyweight. Going into the final round the fight was virtually even on the scorecards and both men opted to trade punches toe to toe. It looked like a fatal error as he was floored twice but he kept his composure and landed a beautiful bomb to send the challenger unconscious to the canvas, thus registering one of his finest performances to date.

Lanky meanwhile looked awesome in destroying his old nemesis "Iron" on the same bill and immediately after the fights, contracts were signed setting up what is possibly an even bigger fight than Lanky-Angus was a couple of weeks back.

Lipstick said, "I'm disgusted by the lack of respect shown to me. I came back without hesitation because I had to prove myself all over again. These chumps have never accepted me but on April 20th I will wrap up my career by defeating Lanky and when I'm done nobody can dispute the fact that I am the greatest heavyweight who ever graced the ring."
QUOTE(Lanky Gawn)
Man...what a fight between Lipstick and Alexeev...bravo....but in all its tells us the same thing....

Dipsy squeaked out a win AGAIN. This time with one foot in the grave...

It's over,'ve had the most close calls in the history of the week, your luck runs out.

You saw what I did to Iron. I just destroyed one of the hardest men on the planet....without even breaking a sweat.

I'm serious when I say this....Dipsy....I'm gonna beat the absolute DOG SHIT outta you. You won't be going out on a high'll be going out ON A GURNEY.
Lipstick responded to the comments made by Lanky saying, "Lanky, I was ringside when you lost to Angus and although you looked terrific last night you were facing a hype-job so it really doesn't send any shudders down my spine. You are facing a totally different animal next week...I fight smarter than any other heavyweight and like Big Daddy Kane once said, I get the job done. I won't be looking to stop you but I will be looking to win by any means necessary, and trust me, I am convinced I will beat you!"
Dipsy may "get the job done"...but Lanky is "RAWWW!!".
Alexeev: "Props to Dipsy, hes the best fighter in the world. I dont have any doubt and although I lost Im happy I got the opporunitey to fight him and I dont think I missed the Angus rematch too much. Speaking of myself I think I put on a great performance and I almost got the heavyweight championship but Dipsy is just good and he deserved the victory.

Lanky Gawn is also a great fighter but when Dipsy says he knows hes the btter boxer I believe him. I think Dipsy is not only the best fighter in the world, hes also a style nightmare for Lanky. But Im very interested to see this one."
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn was quick to thank Alexeev for his complimentary words towards him after their excellent heavyweight title fight on the weekend. Lipstick said, "Not only is Alexeev a great fighter, he's also a man with total class. Before our fights, both of them, he was nothing but dignified and honorable and I'd like to thank him for that. I can see him being involved in some mega fights at heavyweight, starting this weekend where I am convinced he will beat down "Iron" Virus who, lets face it, is over hyped and no better than Mike Tyson. I'd also pick him to stop Lanky in 10 rounds....styles make fights and he would find it easy to overcome Lanky, I'm sure of it. I wish him all the best for the future and I tell him....don't give up on the dream, you will one day win that title at heavyweight."
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