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Full Version: The Chi Master
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Am I seeing that right? Did he want a time out for a busted lip?....he beat that old man like he was his little
hahaha what the fuck. What a retard.
Mean Mister Mustard
I don't like seeing old men being beaten but the Youtube comments are making me laugh out loud.

"yes i see what you mean. i have been training in wing bing bang bang bang. my chi is ki and my kiai is extending its power almost at will. people die in venezuela when i sneeze. but it is a modern world now."

It's rare...but every once in a while, I'll see an absolutely original and hilarious comment to a YT video....

On a side note.....if I ever get in a fight again, I'mma do what he did...just grab a dude around a wrist and pound his face with my free looks very effective...I also think the young guy was holding back...
I really thought the beating the Chi Master put on that last guy was hilarious...about as funny as the complete shock he had when his powers had no effect on the MMA dude and he got a busted lip.

He was holding his dropped jaw in total shock.
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