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Full Version: Hopkins / Calzaghe is bombing at the box office
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From Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports:

"Ticket sales at Planet Hollywood are abysmal for his bout on Saturday at the Thomas & Mack Center on the UNLV campus with light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins, a rare match between a pair of future Hall of Famers.

On Wednesday morning, one could purchase eight prime seats, in Row J in the ritzy $1,500 section, simply by clicking a few buttons on the Planet Hollywood website.

When guys such as Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight, tickets arenít available in Row J 10 minutes after they go on sale. For Calzaghe, months after the fight was announced and only a little more than 72 hours before a fight that matches perhaps the best super middleweight ever against the reigning light heavyweight king, great seats, as the saying goes, were still available.

It should be a match of epic proportions, but instead itís dying an agonizingly slow and painful death. Promoters already returned $2 million of the $11 million site fee that Planet Hollywood owner Robert Earl had paid. Earlís looking at a loss of an easy $5 million, perhaps more."


Sorry for multiple posts....not sure how that happened.
why doesnt this surprise me?
Well Hopkins has never been a huge draw and most people here in the states do not know Calzaghe. Except for the hard core boxing fans people do not know who Joe is. He should of had a fight or two here in the states just so the average sports fan would know who he is and how great he is. Or this fight should have been in England where the could have sold a million tickets.
What did they expect that Hopkins is some kind of draw? Calzhage gets 50,000 to his fight with Kessler in the UK & consistantly sells out arenas in his homeland.
no surprise. hopkins is boring and doesn't have many fans. calzaghe isn't known in the u.s. calzaghe isn't nearly as popular in the uk as hatton. and the ticket prices are very high.
that's what you get for making bad site decisions. hopkins has never been an easy sell, especially agaiinst a guy that few know about in the states. oh well.
Mean Mister Mustard
They should have at least made the fight on the east coast.

QUOTE(Mean Mister Mustard @ Apr 17 2008, 06:41 AM) [snapback]386474[/snapback]
They should have at least made the fight on the east coast.

yeah, seriously. isn't hopkins head of 'golden boy east' or some shit?
I guess for some, it is now starting to make sense WHY European fighters stay in Europe for so long. I give Cal credit because, he's obviously coming here to TRY to cement his legacy.

Tha Docta
anybody else surprised by the 1500$ price for ringside seats? ticket prices seem to be way out of wack for this fight. i dont even think tickets were this pricey for his fight with trinidad.
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE(Tha Docta @ Apr 17 2008, 09:55 AM) [snapback]386491[/snapback]
anybody else surprised by the 1500$ price for ringside seats? ticket prices seem to be way out of wack for this fight. i dont even think tickets were this pricey for his fight with trinidad.

It's almost as if they want the fight to bomb. They have a 43 year old fighter who, while better known than the average fighter, has never been that popular and his last fight was a stinker, fighting a guy from Wales whose last fight on HBO did horrible ratings and they dare put this in Vegas charging 1500 a seat? Come on now Golden Boy smarten up.
I guess when he said "I ain't Golden Boy right now!" he really meant it.

I didn't expect it to be a big sellar.

If it was held over here in the UK, it would've been massive. Although not as popular as Hatton, Calzaghe would've packed out most arena's here.

Ah well....
Yeah ticket prices are out of range especially when fans from the UK or Philly would have to put out the travel money. MSG would have been more logical because at least Bhops fans would go there. Competing with UFC probably isn't helping since a lot of people will do a fight night ordering UFC and recording Bhops-Calzaghe and watch it afterwards until it gets boring to watch. At least this fight isn't on PPV. It is looking like it will be like the Castillo-Corrales 2 when they expected a big crowd at Thomas and Mack, but hardly sold anything.
I think ticket sales IN GENERAL are going to suck considering the economy these days. I actually have not even considered going to a fight live in the last 6 months or so. Not that I would have anyway, but I usually keep a close eye on fights happening at MSG or AC since I'm in NY and check prices and such, but I don't even bother looking right now. A lot of people simply don't have that disposable income at their fingertips like they did a year ago.

Big Slim Sweet
I think they were expecting thousands of folks from Wales to flock overseas for it. I guess that's not happening. I think Hopkins even eluded to it in an interview recently, trying to spin it in a way to make Joe uncomfortable - like for the first time in his career he'll find himself in that ring all alone - but you figure he was probably aware of the poor ticket sales.
Mean Mister Mustard
As it stands right now Golden Boy has been putting togethergood fights but they are doing the same old thing King and Arum were doing back in the day which is to let the casinos and HBO do all the work. Putting fights like Pavlik-Taylor II and Hopkins-Calzaghe in Vegas only limits ticket sales.
I think they were expecting Hopkins to pull what he did against Trinidad and throw down the British flag in order to make this a USA vs Britain kind of thing.
It's sad though. This is one of the few fights that really matters in the sport right now and nobody cares. Maybe if they had gone on Dancing with the Stars...
The fight had to happen in America because if it didn't the same old argument about Calzaghe never going to the States would still stand true. However, by staging it in America they have cut off their hands to spite their face if these ticket rumours are correct.

Hopkins, as great as he is, has never been hugely popular and Calzaghe has never really been respected by the Americans (and a whole lot of Brits too) because he's always missed the big fights, for whatever reason.

Calzaghe's fan base is totally different to that of Hatton's because he doesn't attract the football fans like Hatton does. Lets face it, Hatton's fans aren't genuine boxing fans in the main but they will travel everywhere to see's that football fan mentality. Calzaghe packs out arena's in Wales because the Welsh are a small proud nation and they love him. They aren't of the same ilk as Hatton fans though so they won't all be travelling across the pond to see him box...they'll have a beer and watch it at home or in the pub...

It had to happen in America but it's never going to do as well there as it would have done in Wales...or even England for that matter.

True boxing fans are up for this fight though and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Fuck the casual fans because all they do is wind me up!
True boxing fans are up for this fight though and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Fuck the casual fans because all they do is wind me up!

Yup...I really could care less how much this fight draws. At the end of the day, it's the most significant fight of the year.
The Original MrFactor
No big surprise. Most people will watch it on regular HBO this weekend.
gods son
the reason why they did not make it a PPV, lol!
Plus a shitty undercard!!
They should be ashamed of themselves!!

Why couldnt they add some good golden boy fighters? Or Warren throwing in Amir Khan??

Oh it's PPV down under which is why I would prefer to shell out for a fun arvo's fights on UFC that I know will be competitive & entertaining.
well this wasnt a fight that was gonna save boxing or anything. So I'm not dissapointed with slow tickets sales Hopkins never has and never will be a draw. I agree with what someone said earlier bout the casual fans not caring but for the the real boxing fans this fight is of significance and Ill be watching
The Original MrFactor
Wouldnt it have been bigger overseas?? Is Calzaghe taking a paycut to whoop on Bernard?
I think I read somewhere that he made a career high purse of 2.5 million Euros for Kessler, I don't know the exchange rate, but I'm sure he's getting at least 1.5 million more for Hopkins. There can't be much money in the Hopkins fight without it being on PPV and the gate not selling out.
The sad part is that this is probably the most important fight of the year, but in the future, fighters will use the lack of interest as a reason to either stay in their home countries and avoid these types of fights, or just not make important fights in general, citing "lack ofinterest."

Boxing needs unified, recognizable fighters and legends...this fight determines a legendary fighter...but fighters usually care a lot more about money than they do about legacy these days (see Floyd Mayweather).
Also, promoters/venues won't put the up the site fees to buy these fights if they are going to lose money.

So, it's sad because money is intrinsically tied to everything and it is nice to see real fights (like this one) succeed. Instead, Floyd rematching ODLH will make millions, and this one will flop.
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