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Full Version: Ray De Los Santos beats Cotto; Fights Judah next.
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Ray De Los Santos outboxed Miguel Cotto to win by decision for the 2nd time. Cotto has 3 wins over Judah.

It's always been De Los Santos' dream to throw it down with the famous Brooklynite. After beating Cotto, Rey immideatly called out Zab Judah face to face. Judah, who recently captured the WW title with a huge 12th round KO over Cyrus "Lights Out" Virus, ducks NO MAN and quickly accepted the challenge.

Judah and Santos posed for pictures and seemed very friendly with each other. But while Santos was on his way out of the arena, Judah began verbally taunting De Los Santos, saying "going to BK to fight ME is a death wish foo!".

Judah says that although Santos looked good against Cotto, Judah is a way different type of challenge. "Cotto is solid, knowmsayin, but he ain't got my natural speed and power! I be knockin fools out left and right recently! De Los Santos got a future ahead of him, he a good kid, knowmsayin? I'ma give him 300 fuckin'injury points, knowmsayin? I'ma send him back to mr. Krumsnatchers gym in the UK and he gon' be telling all his boys how that C-C-C-C-CROOOKLYN styyyylleee beatdown feels like! BK FOEVA!"

Santos, like Zab said, has always wanted to face the Brooklyn legend and he feels that he is ready to inflict a one-sided beatdown on the great man.

"Judah is a coward and a bully and when he meets me he'll be shocked at how good I am. I not only believe I can beat him, I believe I can knock him out. For me, this fight is bigger than any belt!"
Ain't no way Santos beat Cotto in that rematch. Cotto will be watching this fight closely.

"yo de los santos..i aint a bully muhfucka! knowmsayin... im a fuckin classy and intelligent individual with mad chettah fool! u know how many playgrounds i built in BK fo' da kids to play at? u know how much money i donated to schoolz???? alot!!! i love my community and brooklyn loves me back fool...IN FACT de los santos...if U LISTEN...the THOUSANDS...AND THOUSANDS OF BROOKLYNITES...are CHANTING MY NAME...*Judah! Judah! Judah!*

ray de los santos, U SORT OF impress zab judah..knowmsayin..beaitng da shell of cotto does impress me..knowmsayin...but what will be mo' impressive is me WHOOPING yo ass in front of my people at BK mothafucka!

CROOKLYN STYLE son....ima give it to ya CROOKLYN style!

all deez young gunz aint ready for a killa like me!"
Zab will be bringing the pain.....De Los Santos next stop after this fight will be the closest hospital to the famed Zab Judah stadium...Zab will make De Los Santos stay in Brooklyn pretty brutal and unpleasant.

De Los Santos is looking forward to the fight and feels he will be victorious.

He said "I will beat Judah whatever way I can. This is a massive fight and I ain't bout to blow my chance against a fighter ready for the takin'."
Judah KO's De Los Santos in 11..leaves him exhausted, closed eyes, and with a fractured nose.

Judah is just too brutal right now for these young guys on the come up. Victory is dedicated to
De Los Santos never anticipated that Judah could hurt him like that. He's gutted because he was taken to school big time.

Props to Judah.

The Dark Lord was just way too street for the young gun.
Maxy, Lord Judah would like to know how many Injury Points he gave De Los Santos?
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ May 4 2008, 03:30 AM) [snapback]388555[/snapback]
Judah KO's De Los Santos in 11..leaves him exhausted, closed eyes, and with a fractured nose.

Judah is just too brutal right now for these young guys on the come up. Victory is dedicated to

I don't care what anyone says....Lord Judah is a class act.

He has consistently dedicated his destructions to Maussa since that fateful night...

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