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Full Version: Could Hopkins beat "The White Tyson"?
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Col Reb
I read in an article the other day about BHOP retiring, and the writer said that the only move BHOP could make to enhance his legacy would be to win a heavyweight belt. The writer said that couldn't happen since the weak champions are gone, but I say Ruslan "The White Tyson" Chagaev is still there. Do you guys think Hopkins could beat Chagaev?

Chagaev is no bum in my opinion. Hopkins is too old now, he does not have the energy or the trigger anymore...he still has the D, but it is hard to win a fight like that.
Hopkins needs to retire. He perfomed good vs Joe...but he showed his age.
Hopkins won't EVER let a white boy beat him...he couldn't go back to the projects if he let a white boy beat him.

Tha Docta
i would give him a decent shot against changaev. changaev isnt that big and hopkins can actually win this fight by throwing his 10-14 punches per round.
Hopkins against anyone that doesn't throw 50+ punches per round is a fight he's capable of winning.

Hopkins' losses recently came against guys that won razor thin decisions based on nothing more than being more active than him.

I know some people don't like X but do they want to see him dead? He has ZERO chance in a fight like this. he does not have the legs to move all night & pump the jab. HE goes down 7 goes down hard.
Chagaev is a hard puncher, much harder than Bhops has ever taken. Plus Chagaev is a pretty skilled fighter. I think Hopkins might be able to do well for a few rounds, but I think once Chagaev catches him, it will be over. Sam Peter on the other hand...He doesn't throw a lot of punches they are slow and telegraphed. I think he has a better chance at beating Peter, but I don't think either fight is in his best interest. Unless Hopkins is going to fight Calzaghe, Jones, Tarver or Byrd, he should just walk away which is what he probably will do.
Absolutely B-Hop can take Chagaev. White boy don't want none of X.

I'll also take Manny Pacquiao to KO Wladimir Klitschko in 6.
HOpkins would outbox, outhustle, and outclass the Euro.
Is this the kidney shot from the old board?
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