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Full Version: Metal Gear Online : Beta
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Beta was supposed to start earlier this week but Konami was ill prepared for the heavy traffic and postponed the start date till tomorrow.

You can get a beta key if you pre order Metal Gear Solid 4.

Downloading the beta was simple.

Downloading the v1.01 patch ingame was ridiculous, I had to leave my ps3 on all night to finish downloading it. Shit goes at a snail's pace.

Then its the even more ridiculous Konami ID registering nonsense over at

Konami ID's Gamer Id's your PSN ID's .... yeah.. whatever....

In any case after you go through all the fucking obstacles and are good to go, my question is....

Who's got it? And is ready to go for tomorrow?

Bill The Butcher
I don't have it, but when you test it out, let me know how it is.

Is it first person? Third person? Gameplay? etc.
Had to download another update today, v1.02 ...... atleast it downloaded in like 10 minutes.

After signing in with gamer id from konami I got taken to a character creation screen.

Choose faces, clothes etc. (clothes and armor have no effect, just cosmetic)

Then I had to choose my skill set. (like good at submachine guns, better lock on target, faster moving etc. etc.)

Level up system like call of duty 4.

gameplay : Third and first person. Game is fun and simple. Lock on targetting eliminates need for aiming on your own unless you want the headshot, from what I can see anyway.

It's not mind blowing multiplayer exp. since we've seen just about everything but it is fun and unique in it's own way, something the ps3 needs.

More impressions later.
Cant wait to get this and MGS 4....Cyrus, who are the playable characters?
Online beta has regular genome soldiers you can play as.

I just came out of a game, the level was that big ass base in metal gear solid 3 snake eater.

We had the blue team cornered by this one part in the base, one of my teammates was hiding in a cardboard box in the middle of the firefight. As the blue team starting gaining ground, the teammate in the cardboard box ended up behind them, so he just came out the box and headshot half their team... laugh.gif laugh.gif
Knife is overpowered. A quick 4 hit combo with the knife is a insta-kill and combining that with some cardboard box techniques and its a wrap.

Also, you can lay down playboy mags in a hallway that players will normally go through to get in and out of a building, by laying them down, the enemy player kneels over and falls in love with the pictures unable to move and with hearts floating around his head. Easy headshot or knife kill if you lurking around.

I love it...

Wait, you can't play as Snake or Raiden?

LOL...playing as Raiden would pretty unfair..since his character turned from whining bitch to some cyborg. laugh.gif

The maps for MGS 3 online were small...I hope the ones here are bigger.
For the online beta you can't play as them. Maybe when the game actually comes out we can.

MGO maps are bigger than mgs3 online maps.

this game is growing on me, mostly because I am just going on a knife rampage and hiding in boxes.
The CEO's The Dub Grand Ocho, Fitz....(2008 for those who don't keep their ear to the streets)...
Hey G, today they opened up a new map and new mode in the beta.

It's called Sneaking Mission Mode.

2 Teams, Red and Blue.

But there is now another "team", that team being one player gets to play as Solid Snake and has all of snakes moves and the new octocamo suit. Snake's goal is knockout soldiers and retrieve their dog tags. Team red and blue's goal are to kill snake and each other.

If enough players are in a game, the player that plays as snake gets one partner for his "team" and that is that tiny metal gear computer thing that octacon built for snake in the new game that rolls around.

It's not bad.

I don't know if I'm willing to play another shooter until either COD5 comes out, or Resistance 2. COD4 is so damn good.
I think COD5 is being handled by the team that did that subpar COD3 and they are taking it back to WW2. So COD4 will still be played for a while until COD6.

Resistance 2 and Gears Of War 2 will be on heavy rotation at the end of the year.
MGO sounds like a must have..I just read that Snake and Raiden WILL be playable characters....should be fun as hell.

MGS4 will be the greatest game of all time. Too bad this is the last MGS Hideo Kojima's making...
Kojima says that everytime he finishes making one. "It's my last one."

Sure.... laugh.gif
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