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Full Version: Dont sleep on Cotto-Allen...
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Allen is a pretty heavy underdog but he's a beast....Both guys are bangers and the younger might pull it off..
Yeah, good fight. I still believe Cotto can make some great fights, big fight for Allen. 135 is heating up right now, there are some new challenges for Reilly and Guzman and Quintana has also earned another shot.
Cotto stays making the big fights and giving the young hungry unknowns their shot.

I just don't know how much more he can go though laugh.gif
If Allen wins, he wants Quintana or Guzman.
Allen won't win, G....I know he will try his best

and McPheerson is THE biggest threat to the crown at evidenced by no one mentioning him in this thread.
C.E.O, don't underestimate Allen just because YOUR boys killed him...styles make fights..he will KO Cotto. Lol.
That's true...I might be underrating what chance do you think he has against Cotto....25%, 50%, more..? honest and

I would say Cotto-McPheerson is a pick 'em being totally objective....
I'll say this right now....Cotto can't hang with Allen. I'm sorry Cyrus....Allen is like a young Cotto. He makes guys quit. Check his record.

Jimmy Jack Judah is a different story, he'd probably beat Allen..but Cotto will get stopped, brutally.
Miguel Cotto has only been knocked out twice in his career. Once when he was weight drained to 135 against tera patrick and he got knocked out in the last round. The other when he went all out because he was losing his 140 lb. title to Luis Collazo and he paid the price in the last round yet again.

Cotto will not go down without a fight.
Cotto whipped up on the young gun pretty good. Wide UD victory.
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