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Full Version: 50 Cent Speaks On His Fight W/ Floyd Mayweather
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A few weeks ago, he was talking about they fought in Michigan at some charity basketball game.
jesus, mayweather must have stole his segway
QUOTE(rusty_trombone @ Apr 24 2008, 09:29 PM) [snapback]387593[/snapback]
jesus, mayweather must have stole his segway

LOL! I don't even know what to say. They sound like two 5 year old fighting over a G.I. Joe.
50: "Give me your Storm Shadow!"
Floyd: "Yo, I already gave you my Cobra Commander!"
50: "You gave me the one that the dog had chewed its arm off!"
Floyd: "That's ok though...that one was battle tested!"
50: "Battle tested?! Yo battle test this!"


Floyd: "We cool dawg?"
50: "We cool..."

I guess he's talking metaphorically about a deeper issue between the 2 because he talks about 'coming out' and a 'big closet'.
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