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Full Version: Bert Sugar
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Just wondering what your opinions of Bert Sugar are...been seeing a lot of him on ESPN's Ringside show
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
Does anyone think he's even a smoker?

I aint never seen that cigar on the go.

I reckon he's been using the same one since 1972!!
I have seen him actually smoking it....he was outdoors of course
Bert knows his his sh*t.
I've always liked him. Seems like he really knows his history and presents the material nicely as well.

I like his historical perspectives.
However, his present time boxing analysis to me is lacking and it seems as if he always has to compare fights today or fighters today to historical fights, just so no one can rebuttal him.

Its funny how Greg used to analyze upcoming fights better then him when they would be on Quite Frankly together.

I've read better well thought out and backed up analysis on upcoming fights from board regulars like JD, Brutal, Method, Hype, Jack and others than Bert Sugar's.

and the NEW
Bert Sugar is one of the most knowledgable historians to ever live! No doubt about it.
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