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Full Version: Gone for a week
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I'll be moving out of jersey to PA on monday. I don't know when I'll have my internet up at the new place, probably sometime during the week. Until I return back, G and Maxy, don't schedule me for fights.

And Maxy, don't unretire TOS when I'm gone and have him fight laugh.gif
Alright. You sure you dont want tune up fights instead?
maybe toss Cotto in with a complete bum to keep his streak going. He has never taken a week off ever (besides this past week since it was out of everyone's hands). He's never retired, never taken a break.
Move is complete. I should be calling in the cable guys to come through sometime mid week to get the internet and shit up. Right now, I am jacking some weak ass signal in the air from somebody off a router. And tell me why when I plug in my xbox 360 it got the red rings of death.... son of a bitch.... laugh.gif

They finally got me.
Put Jesse Jane into the Hall of Fame when you get back
My internet is back up. I'll catch up with everything after I setup my router.
Welcome back, bro...

I got a PS 3 and GTA IV while you were gone....Comcast is coming to set up my network later on today.....

Nice. After they set it up drop your PSN gamertag and we'll go blow shit up. laugh.gif
Hey, C....I don't see Calzaghe in your Top

I might not get to hang tonight (family time)...if that's the case, I know I'll be free for a few hours during the day tomorrow....
I have to update the p4p list in my sig, been to lazy lately. Tomorrow I have to go to my cousin's wedding in jersey and then hit the trains to NY for a show. My ass won't be back home till sunday. I'll rob you on sunday, with a knife. laugh.gif

Don't forget to have a bluetooth handy, preferably not motorola, because those suck with the ps3.
I got one for 50 bucks...I hope it works's getting mixed and bad reviews...made by MAD CATZ...
C, man...I've been playing for 2 haven't even accepted my invite yet...what the fuck.
I haven't turned on my ps3 yet laugh.gif

I'm going to hop on in a lil bit.
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