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Full Version: Bean calls out Holyfield
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Sawney Bean has thrown out a challenge to new world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and has asked for the champion to meet him in Scotland at Balmoral Castle.

Bean, whose record stands at 23/7/2, wanst to be the first man ever hailing from Scotland to win the world title and he claimed, "Evander is gonna duck me cos I am a man he fears. I want the fight to be staged in the castle. It will be historic."
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn, who commentated on Holyfields victory over Lanky Gawn said, "It was a punch perfect performance from Evander. He showed no respect to Lanky and his body shots were giving Lanky trouble from the start. I think Evander needs a soft defense and Sawney Bean fits the bill. A fight in a Castle? Well if they can get the permission it would be an event, thats for sure but I don't know if Evander would be interested in boxing a Scotsman in Scotland?"
If Aaron "Death" Coile gets by Max Kellerman, he would like a shot as well as he laready one a very close decision over Evander and Im sure Evander would like to avenge that loss.
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