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Full Version: Whats the deal on the Mosely/Judah card?
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I know juarez is on the under card but what about the rest of the card? Is Lacy still gonna be on it?

Zab and Shane will be a good one but I still think a solid undercard is gonna be needed to push this PPV
Rocky Juarez - Jorge Barrios
Jeff Lacy - TBD

Maybe we get a look at GBP's new signee, Daud Chino Yordan...who knows? The card had great potential, and it just seems to be falling apart beyond the top two.
Sounds like a standard GBP card.

Big names in the main event and then a bunch of question marks on the undercard.

Juarez-Barrios should be a good scrap though....La Hiena is always in good fights.

I partied with Barrios a couple of years ago...I didn't understand a lick of what he was saying, but fortunately I had a translator with me. That guy can PARTY! Had me up drinking until about 9AM the next day. Crazy guy. He couldn't stop talking about getting a rematch with Popo...he hates that guy with a passion.
If the lacy/green fight would have got signed this ppv would have had 3 good fights and I doubt many people wouldve had a problem shelling out 50$ for it. Hopefully GBP wont cheat the people out and put some club fighter in there with lacy. they should try to get jaidon or how bout a rematch with manfredo?
Big Slim Sweet
Considering that once they couldn't get the Lacy-Green fight made they tried to put Lacy in with Joey Spina, who'd already been blasted out in less than three rounds by Manfredo, I think that tells you where they're going with Lacy's opponent for this one. Thankfully Spina turned the fight down, but whoever they get will probably be equally hopeless.

Supposedly Lacy turned down Green flat saying he wanted a softer opponent. Hence looking at Spina. I think this guy is dealing with serious confidence issues post Calzaghe beatdown.
QUOTE(Fitz @ May 6 2008, 10:18 PM) [snapback]388761[/snapback]
Doesn't really sound like a standard GBP card, sounds like a standard boxing card.


Oh I don't know...DK can still put together a pretty decent undercard and Arum hasn't been doing too bad lately.

GBP on the other hand...I can't even remember one good undercard they've put together since it's inception.
I'm gutted with Lacy. That guy could've been the next Tyson...mean, menacing knock out artist.

Unfortunately, whilst Mike also learnt the skills to go with his power, Lacy decided to be just a flat out puncher. Of course we've seen where that's got him.

And like Tyson, now the aura of invinicibility has gone, he's half the fighter he was. Shame, he was just what the game needed with all the pretty-boy boxers running things at the moment.

QUOTE(blackbelt2003 @ May 7 2008, 04:25 PM) [snapback]388808[/snapback]
I'm gutted with Lacy. That guy could've been the next Tyson...mean, menacing knock out artist.

Lacy's power while good isn't on the level of Tyson's P4P.

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