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Full Version: Deep Freeze vs Allan Green is in the works
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World light heavyweight champion Allan Green is close to agreeing terms with super middleweight legend Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn, it has been revealed.

Deep Freeze has flirted with the idea of a bout with Green for sometime now and with the champion fast running out of viable opponents, the stage looks set for Gawn to step in and give Green the chance to add a legend to his already impressive resume.

According to a source close to the Krumbsnatcher gym, virtually all terms have been agreed and it is just a question of ironing out a few details before the fight is announced.

However, one man is opposed to such a fight taking place. Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn, who now works for HBO told reporters, "If Deep Freeze takes this fight he'll get himself hurt really badly. I don't care how good he was at super middleweight, he isn't that fighter at light heavy and Green is a monster who is all wrong for Deep Freeze. Even if this fight had happened when Maxy was at his best I would still tip Green to beat him. Stylistically this is an absolute nightmare for Freeze and I'm stunned that he is even considering it. It must be about the money because he just doesn't have a chance. Seriously - a one eyed Green with a broken knee cap still knocks out Deep Freeze!"
Reporters visited Team Judah to ask our fighters..

Bernard Hopkins (Lost a UD to Allan Green, 115-113 on all three cards): "Green is a good strong fighter but he could get outboxed by Deep Freeze. But Deep Freeze cant keep Green off of him for 12 rounds."

Roy Jones Jr. (Former Light-Heavyweight Champion. Lost a UD to Maxy Gawn): Maxy Gawn is past his prime. Green's gonna knock him out late just like I would! I wanna give a shoutout to Pensacola, my man Smoke Gainer, and body-head promotions! My 2nd album is coming baby!"

Fernando Montiel (Former 4-Division Champion): Green should be the favorite but never underestimate Deep Freeze"

Jabdiel Judah (Former 4x Junior-Welterweight Champion): Yo, uhmm, well, fuck this, I'll go with Deep Freeze"
This is the fight Green has been waiting for.

"I dont care who you put in front of me, I put a beating on anyone. But people dont wanna see how some untested prospects get their ass kicked by me. People wanna see how I knock out a legend of this sport. Thats why I want to fight Deep Freeze so badly. Hes not running his mouth badly about me, so I wont do that, either. But I guarantee I will land my bombs on him. I know I have all it takes to become a star of boxing and I will by knocking Deep Freeze out. And I dont care about Guzman, Reilly, Gamboa or anybody, I know Im the most gifted boxer in the world and Im going to prove it."

Promoter Íner: "The deal we are likely going to agree to is absolutely in favor of Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn. We didnt want to sign such a contract in the first place, but we do have some great fighters who feel they are with the wrong promotion company because we dont match up our own fighters against each other very often. So if Green gets by Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney this Sunday which we all know he will, we will - and I guarantee you that - sign the contract and let this fight happen. It will be the biggest fight of the week and it will be Allan Greens evolution from a solid champion to a great fighter."
Leaked reports from inside the Krumbsnatcher gym have revealed that Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn was floored heavily as he prepares for his bout with Allan Green this coming Sunday.

It is rumoured that Deep Freeze had to stop training for a couple of days because he suffered from concussion in the alleged incident and so far nobody from Krumbsnatcher has confirmed or denied the reports.

Fans of Deep Freeze are worried for his health believing Green to be too strong for the former champion and these reports have only added to their anxiety.
QUOTE(Richard "Dick" Butkiss - Hall Of Famer @ Former #1 P4P Fighter, Former 2-Time Undisputed Light Heavyweight World Champion)
I tip my hat off to Deep Freeze for taking this fight. I don't know why he is fighting Allan Green, be it for Glory and he needs money but it doesn't matter, fact remains the fight is set. No one is a better analyst for this fight than me, I've been in the ring with both Deep Freeze and Allan Green twice a piece. Deep Freeze has the boxing skills to pull off the victory while Green has the pressure style to break Freeze apart. Classic matchup. With that said, Green is beatable despite his undefeated record. If Deep Freeze takes a look at the tape of my rematch with Green I think he can perfect my gameplan and outright take the fight clearly where I failed. So, my official pick? I am going with the underdog Deep Freeze. If he can shake off the ring rust and turn back father time I think he can do it and do it big. I'll be sitting at ringside on fight night for this one.

Deep Freeze was pleased to hear of Butkiss' comments telling the media, "Richard is a great fighter and a man I respect both inside and outside those ropes. He's been gracious in retirement and it'll be great to see him ringside for my bout with Green. Hey, I might even give him a call to see if he's got any tips for he said in his recent comment....he knows the two of us better than anyone."

On reports that he was heavily floored in sparring Freeze said, "Yep, I got walloped and had to climb up the was one of those things...I'm a fighter and from time to time we get caught and we get hurt. If Allan Green tells you he never been hurt in sparring then you know the man is a liar."
Deep Freeze put up a better performance than I anticipated in losing a majority decision to Green. I expected Green to knock him out if I'm honest.
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