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Full Version: Holmes - Foreman
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Why didn't this fight happen in their first or second careers?
Big Slim Sweet
This has been talked about here before. I seem to remember a lengthy discussion on the old classics board a couple years back involving some old long-since-banned guys.

Not sure what, if anything, happened the first time around. There wasn't much overlap as Foreman retired before Holmes really hit his stride. But during their second careers the fight was talked about frequently. I think it came down to egos and hard feelings. It's been documented the two men hated each other. Basically, I think Holmes couldn't accept the fact that Foreman would get the lion's share of the purse and Foreman couldn't accept the fact that Holmes would almost certainly beat him.
I've got Holmes as the 3rd best heavyweight of all time. It's a shame they weren't fighting at their peaks at the same time because it would have been a great for prime, I'd always pick Holmes over Foreman but when this fight was mooted a few years back I'd have to go with Foreman.

Having said that, a fight between those two as old men didn't appeal to me and I'm glad it never took place.

I think Holmes wins both the early and later fights.
U.S. Champ
Big George would've beat the sleeves off of Larry young or old just too strong
Holmes has one of my favorite moments in the sport in his second career. It was when he was fighting Ray Mercer and Mercer had him in the corner teeing off on him and Holmes turns to the cameraman and says "I ain't Tommy Morrison" and then started pounding his way out of the corner just killing Mercer.
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