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Full Version: BILL O'REILLY IS ANGRY....
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moscow bear
Thats awesome! Too funny!

I really like Bill (Yup....I am a conservative)......but I think that anger is the reason we need Bill in the White House. The guy doesn't take any sh*t!
did he finally realize he's the laughing stock of a nation?
LOL... That was funny

We'll do it live! F*CK IT
lmao he's mad
Far better then O'Reilly tweaking is Colbert's takeoff on it...

LOL laugh.gif

Bill is a douchebag...I remember when he was taking shots at NAS in his crappy show. He's a dick.
BG doesn't get involved in politics, so you know that his hatred for Bill comes directly from the Nas insults...


"Fuck you Bill O'Reilly, Nas is one of the best rappers of all time!" - biggeorge

laugh.gif I always knew he was a bitch but insulting the LEGEND that is NAS brought it to new heights.
The Colbert report>>bill's life
Never liked O'Reilly. Just another arrogant, neo conservative right winger.

I just don't understand how on one hand he bashes entertainers for all their flaws and problems and acts like he's such a moral man when he was caught having phone sex with what was it, a secretary of his or something???... Fox News paid the woman off to shut the fuck up and that was that.

I don't understand how this guy even has a following. dntknw.gif I mean the thing about Right Wingers is that with them EVERYTHING is negative. Your doing this wrong, your doing that wrong, or your also doing that wrong. Well shit what the fuck??
Are you the only one doing right??...

Arrogant pompous ass. He's his own biggest fan and a legend in his own mind. He's the reason that tend to stay away from right wingers.
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