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Full Version: The Politics Of Boxing
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The Politics of Boxing

There is one definite problem with boxing - POLITICS. It is so obvious to see the politics, when Juan Diaz can be defeated handily and then see it swept under the rug like it never happened. Now he's been given a reward after being manhandled on an international broadcast. The politicians say that he's the more exciting to watch.

Ok let's be honest, this is not completely revolving around politics. He signed with GBP and now I guess they are going to make it as if the loss had never happened. Just in case the WBA, WBO, WBC, and the IBF aren't looking, maybe I need to make them see. Golden Boy is trying to devalue the sanctioning bodies and make them obsolete. Thereby, making the Golden Boy Belt (Ring belt that is) the one belt that matters, by throwing the miniscule word of "linear champion" around.

So if you have The Ring title, you're the linear champion, but need I remind you that Bernard Hopkins won the middleweight tournament and The Ring magazine put the belt in storage. Now, if he wasn't linear champion at that point, who was? This is just my way of showing you how much b.s. the politicians will pull. The sad part is that the boxing fans will pay the biggest price. Contrary to what many people believe, I'm not a rich man. My family lives well, but we aren't rich. But, I'm willing to bet if Golden Boy has its way, what problems exist in boxing now will only multiply.

I don't understand how we as fans, as well as fighters will allow any one man or company to squeeze us out of our own futures and the future of the sport we love. I wish to fight the very best fighters in the world and that is something that I have earned the right to do, but right now that is not in GBP's best interest. Politically, for me to beat Casamayor would be a blow that their company would not recover from any time soon. The scary part for them is by me beating him, that would definitely set the fight between me and Pacquiao.

What they wish to do is feed Casamayor to Diaz, thereby boosting his stock with the hopes that his win over Casa will strengthen his chances to get a Pac fight. But what they fail to realize is that you, the fans, aren't dumb. A win over Casamayor does not erase the fact that I took advantage of him and he is damaged goods in the eyes of many people. Why wouldn't Casamayor wish to fight him? He is coming off of a bad loss. He was cut, beat up, out-thought, out-fought and dismantled. Why wouldn't Casamayor wish to fight this man? He's not a big puncher nor a superior boxer. Again, why wouldn't he want to fight him.

As long as HBO dates are given to guys who are undeserving of them, we will continue to see political match ups, where the best don't fight the best and there will never be one true real champion. Politically, this is a great fight but is it the best fight? Joel Casamayor has made statements that he would fight me, but his actions say something else. He says "I beat Nate Campbell and that Nate Campbell is not a good fighter." And generally he's says that he will destroy me. My question is - what's the hold up?

I have Juan's belts and I am totally ready to fight him whenever he gets his balls back from wherever he left them. I am a sanctioned,unified,and reigning champion. If anyone is keeping score, his promoter owns his title - don't they? I thought that was a conflict of interest or illegal. None the less I feel by us fighting it would almost seal the division, and all but close the book on the true and linear and make it a foregone issue. But again, that is not in the political interest of GBP.

At the end of the day I am ready to fight and I am the actual champion. OH just in case you all missed it, the reason that GBP wants the "ring belt " to be the standard...........TOTAL CONTROL. They would be able to rank anyone they desired and I am sure they would be all, or mostly all, GBP fighters. There is no way you could have missed that.....Right?..?

Well this is my opinion and thank you for allowing me to share it, now you do the same.

Nate Campbell
I like how Nate has come out and spoken up about a lot of the BS that goes on behind the scenes in this sport. Personally I'm not 100% sold on him being some kind of killer at LW, I was never that big on Diaz to begin with and Nate's always seemed inconsistent to me. Before the Diaz fight, this is what I thought of when I heard "Nate Campbell"

For his sake I hope that he continues to win big fights, if he faulters at this point in his career it's going to be a looooooooong road back.
You know, instead of writing these great articles, he should think about maybe starting an online petition or an email campaign...get the fans to sign up or send emails to Golden Boy to demand the fight.

Hmmmmmm...that's not a bad idea. I should hit Nate and Terry Trekas up.
I still remember when Nate did a btalk chat and Method asked him if he ever had dreams of fucking an R&B chick and Nate said "Patti Labelle"
QUOTE(AKay @ May 14 2008, 10:35 AM) [snapback]389391[/snapback]
I still remember when Nate did a btalk chat and Method asked him if he ever had dreams of fucking an R&B chick and Nate said "Patti Labelle"

Wait...was it Patti Labelle or Anita Baker? I thought he said Anita Baker...that sounds more like his type.
It was patti labelle, anita baker or jodi watley one of those old broads! lol.
Is there an archive of that chat somewhere?
Tons of people gave him crap for the peden fight and dropping his hands lol.
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