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Al Hata

Check it.

The career mode looks interesting but I dunno about the gameplay it seems ALOT like fight night from the little video they had on there. Not to mention the roster sucks.
QUOTE(Fitz @ May 15 2008, 05:04 PM) [snapback]389598[/snapback]
The career mode looks way cooler. I can't stress how much career sucked on FN. So one dimensional. The roster isn't great, but to me it won't really matter if the game play is actually good. Yous aren't soccer fans but there are 2 soccer games. EA FIFA and Pro Evolution. FIFA looks great, has all the licenses the graphics are far superior but the game play doesn't come close to Pro Evolution. Pro Evolution doesn't even have the licenses to some of the English clubs, and instead of Manchester United, you have Man Red and the graphics aren't anywhere near as good. I always play both as a soccer fan, but I prefer Pro Evo in a heart beat and most soccer fans do.
The roster won't worry me a great deal if the game play is actually good and more realistic. Plus, you can probably create some fighters of your own. You are right about it looking like Fight Night, but that isn't a problem. There was never anything wrong with the way Fight Night looked, in fact Fight Night looked great (minus the knockdowns from headshots, they looked crap). It just kind of played like crap. The parrying is so stupid, it just had a lot of stupid things in the game. Looking like fight night isn't a problem for me yet. As long as it actually plays better I will be happy.
FN4 should be an improvement as well, they will have competition and take things from one another. This is a win for boxing fans.

i was actually going to ask about this. I've played FIFA, and was not at all impressed with the gameplay. really stiff, too technical, way to hard to gauge power, or direction from the corner kicks. I haven't rented to PES game yet, but really wanted to. Have you heard anything about the UEFA game set to come out?
i haven't played any other soccer games besides the fifa games. the world cup 2002 version was pretty awesome i thought, and the 06 wasn't bad either.
this game doesn't look good at all, i think the new fight night will be the lesser of two evils fuck why cant we get a good realistic boxing game?
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