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Full Version: UFC 84 Picks
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The Bad Boy vs The Dragon

I'm picking Machida to circle and pick ortiz apart with unexpected strikes, then get him on the ground and submit him. This will be a tougher match for the dragon than his beat down of the african assasin. Since this is Ortiz's last UFC fight, i hope he doesnt manage to take down the rising star

The Muscle Shark vs The Prodigy

I'm taking Penn in this one, mainly due to sherks inactivity for the last 10 months. I think sherk will give penn some serious trouble on the ground, with his overwhelming strength and cardio advantages, but i prefer penns technical superiority and a submission win

The Dean of Mean vs The Axe Murderer

Well, on names alone i have to go with Wanderlai, Jardines nickname sucks hairy balls LOL. But in the cage i'm taking Jardine. This isnt based on his win over common opponent lidell, but more on wanderlai looking a bit shot and his losing streak. Jardine's monkey man stance is hard to watch, but can be effective.

Thiago vs Mendes

Not having seen mendes, i am going with the known quantity in Thiago. Thiago is a future player in the division, with great striking capabilities. But i have no idea how this fight is going to play out not having seen mendes

Who are you guys taking in these match ups?

I know little about UFC or EliteXC...but I do order the big events because it makes for an amusing evening.

Pound some beers...hang with the girl goes out with friends, or she stays home and chills...always a solid time. Anyway, I have gotten into this tradition of betting on each fight with one of my buds as nothing more than an entertainment fee...$5 or $10 per fight, I ain't looking to make money, I am merely looking to be amused.

So I e-mailed him the fights and said, who do you want?

He responded by saying "I will take all the guys whose names are on the right..." Seemed fair to me...

Thiago Silvia - Antonio Mendes
Tito Ortiz - Lyoto Machida
Wilson GOuveia - Goran Reljic
Wanderlei Silva - Keith Jardine
BJ Penn - Sean Sherk

So I got everyone on the left.
I think your safe with Machida and Jardine, and the sherk vs penn fight will be razor close so i wouldnt be surprised to see sherk walk away with the belt.

Gouveia vs Reljic, i'm not sure. I am thinking Gouveia

You may have 3 or 4 wins on your line up
Sherk had nothing on his ass beat from pillar to post.
Penn's standup (particularly his jab) was ON POINT in this fight. He had the right side of Sherk's face all busted up from that left jab.

Man was i wrong about Wanderlai vs Jardine. Maybe it was a case of getting caught cold, but damn that was a brutal lop sided beating. All 30 seconds of it LOL

I wonder if sherk can get a rematch. I think his gameplan really backfired on him. Trying to stand up to tire out penn was a huge mistake. If he gets a rematch, look for him to go for the takedowns early. I was definitely expecting this match to be alot closer, not so one sided
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