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Full Version: Soup Bone destroys Pascal; roasts Roy Jones
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Does anybody really wanna fuck with Tyrone Sloan? I don't think so...

QUOTE(from press conference))
(Soup Bone`s bodyguard steps from behind the curtain first)

Two Time Super Middle Champ in tha buildin!

Raise UP!!

(crowd stands and POPS)

(Sloan enters in a black suit with a red shirt and red wing tips)

I`m that nigga.

Soak me, ain`t it...

(the crowd starts to settle down and approves)

Roy Jones. I owe you. You see what I do to people I owe...Pascal will never be the same...frankly....I`m surprised he didn`t up and die on the spot...God rest your Soul, brova Maussa............ see this right hand here?...(raises his namesake, his soupbonelike right fist, showcases it to the crowd, the crowd ooooos and ahhhhhs)....and you think YOU bring DRAMA?...

THIS right ALLLLLL the drama....I`mma knock yo ass out and fuck yo lookin` at The Dalai Lama of fuckin` BOMBS, bruh...


Yeah...Sloan's lost his share of fights...he's can say that...but he's beaten years off of his opponents' lives...word on the street is he laid Pascal up with 998 Injury Points last night....and just so people know...characters in WEBL automatically die (are deleted) if they take 1000 in one all you contenders...take your chance...because even if you win against this WILL regret it.
Soup Bone looked good last night. I didn't expect that result - in fact I figured Pascal would beat him by KO and then face Bute for the title next week.

II is looking a major force again with a few world title fights, winnable world title fights coming up next weekend.

Could the balance of power be shifting?
Yeah...I was surprised a little too.......and I don't know about the tide shifting...shit just worked out last night....laugh.gif
RJJ replies

Ay yo Sloan! You know who I am, I`m RJJ, bitch! World Champion boxer, platinum selling record artist! You made a mistake choosing me homie! I`m busting you up! WASSUP PENSACOLA!

*Puts on shades, tilts Nike Jordan cap, and starts playing his platinum selling CD "Round One"*

Sloan, critics say this CD is trash, they say RJ ain't got no mic skills! What I do have is ring skills, homie, and you will get beatdown! Like Nas, I am half man half amazing! You saw what I did to all them bums I been fighting recently! I'm a special talent baby!
Is Roy alright, Big G?


"Soup Bone" Sloan is giving these other future HOFers some LIFE CHANGING beatings....
Jones is done...this was like the WeBL version of Jones-Glen Johnson.

Jones wants 1 more payday before he retires.
Allan Green would give Roy the shot at 175!
Okay, Roy wants the payday. We'll make it happen.
Damn shame that Soup Bone ain't gonna be defending his title on the anniversary. He's in the form of his life right now.

I can move Jeremy "The Hammer" Mulder up to fight Soup Bone if Mulder doesnt fight for the MW title again. I also have Richard Johnson who could move up.
And DAMN that was a beating he put on RJJ. Soup Bone is an IP machine.

Jr. is obviously tired. He has his left eye swollen shut. He has his right eye badly swollen. He has a serious cut over his left eye. He has a broken jaw.
I'm quite shocked at how good Soupe Bone has become. RJJ gave Soup Bone a bad beating back in the day..ohh how times have changed.

Life for RJJ isn't good right now...he's been knocked out and his CD has flopped. Someone give this man a fuckin payday laugh.gif
Soup Bone is saddened he can't fight at SFW III...he was really wanting to strut his stuff...

When we get back from our European Tour, he told me he doesn't want the shot for the title he left vacant immediately...and that he has some other victims in sight...victims he owes.

Yusaf Mack and Jowett Pipes....after he destroys THEM, he is willing to take on any of the Middleweight tough guys....Mulder, Grant...whoever....

and after THAT....if the guy's not retired, he wants Allan Green....I am 200% sure that he can knock Green out.

Tyrone Sloan wants to prove he's the baddest dude in the World from Middle through Light Heavy....
Thats good news, Soup Bone is one dangerous fighter. Mack is definitely willing to move up to 168 for that fight.
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