If any of you have Time Warner Cable, you probably have or soon will be getting the guide on your cable box(es) changed to the new Navigator software. For the last 2 years the PR on the Internet about it has been pretty bad. Criticisms are that it is slow, awkward, and often freezes up. There were early problems with the guide, and there are still problems with some of the new "C" boxes. (i.e integrated cable cards) mandated by the FCC as of July 1, 2007. It seems that the type of box and model of the box makes a difference in Navigator's performance.

I have a non-C 8300 DVR with the MDN version of Navigator. If you have a C-box, you have the OCAP version of Navigator. Since being changed a month ago, I haven't had too many problems (knock on wood.) But there are some features that I don't understand why they took them away from the old guide. I e-mailed TWC requesting that they be brought back in future updates:

1.) You can't do Keyword searches on the keyboard. Only Title Searches. Keyword searching was cool. You could search for any word related to any show, for example, type in "Al Pachino" and the old guide would tell you a list of all Al Pachino movies. Now on Navigator, you can't do that.....IT SUCKS!

2.) The Sports Category is horribly truncated. Major sports, such as Tennis, are not listed as a main category. You have to go under Sports Misc and than Page +/- to find any sports not listed. THIS SUCKS.

3.) The Page+/- is much too slow! You should be able to scroll faster when going through a list. In the time grid, on my DVR box, it's not bad. But for going through a category list, it is too slow.

4.) They have duplicate channel numbers for channels that don't exit.

What have the rest of you discovered with the new Guide?