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Full Version: Rahman vs. Toney II July 16!!!
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Rahman, Toney agree to fight on July 16

Associated Press

Updated: May 30, 2008, 3:15 PM ET

Heavyweights Hasim Rahman and James Toney, both in dire need of a significant victory, will meet July 16 in a rematch after their handlers came to an agreement this week.

"Top Rank and I and the fighters have agreed to the fight," Toney promoter Dan Goossen said. "It's a very tough division to have a high-profile fight in without it being for a world championship, but the winner of this fight will have another opportunity to for another championship."

They will meet in a scheduled 12-rounder at the Pechanga resort in Temecula, Calif., Goossen said. He was working Friday to finalize a television deal for the fight.

"I think they're both marquee names, but they are at a crossroads in their careers," said Todd duBoef, president of Top Rank, which promotes Rahman. "It's all or nothing in a division that has suffered terribly with lackluster performances lately. The winner of the fight should be given the opportunity to fight for one of the titles."

Rahman, a former two-time heavyweight champion, fought to a draw with Toney in March 2006 to retain his version of the title.

Both fighters have struggled since.

In his next fight five months later, Rahman (45-6-2, 36 KOs) lost his title when he was knocked out by Oleg Maskaev for the second time. Rahman has won four bouts since, but he has had uneven performances against low-level competition.

The downfall for Toney (70-6-3, 43 KOs), a former middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight champion, has been even more severe. After the draw with Rahman, he lost his next two fights to Samuel Peter, including a one-sided decision in their January 2007 title eliminator rematch.

Toney outpointed journeyman Dan Batchelder four months later, but both fighters tested positive for steroids afterward. They were both suspended and Toney hasn't fought since.

The suspension was Toney's second for a positive steroid test. The first, in April 2005, cost him a heavyweight title win against John Ruiz, when his decision victory was overturned to a no contest and the belt returned to Ruiz.

"Toney knows he needs to show something," Rahman co-manager Steve Nelson said when the fight was first presented to him. "We know we need to show something. This fight can show who can move on as a factor in the division. We're both in the same boat. It's a fight to see who goes on. The guy who loses is done. There is nothing more that can be done or said for the loser. And there is a little unfinished business between these guys."
This fight stinks of desperation.
Can't wait thumbsup_anim.gif
QUOTE(Fitz @ May 30 2008, 08:30 PM) [snapback]390943[/snapback]
This fight stinks of desperation.

Couldnt agree more. The way these two have looked lately this will be one boring fight.
QUOTE(Boxingjunkie @ May 31 2008, 12:56 AM) [snapback]390956[/snapback]
Couldnt agree more. The way these two have looked lately this will be one boring fight.

I'll watch it but if nothing exciting happens after three rounds it'll quickly be turned.
Could be a horrible fight entertainment wise.

U.S. Champ
Has anybody in history squandered away more talent than James Toney I think he has Tyson beat
QUOTE(U.S. Champ @ Jun 1 2008, 11:47 AM) [snapback]391054[/snapback]
Has anybody in history squandered away more talent than James Toney I think he has Tyson beat

I can see where thats said despite what he did accomplish but generally I agree.

So since both boxers love to see saw as to what type of shape they'll show up in. Lets play a game. I'm going to guess the weights.

Rahman when he's in good shape shows up at 235-240lb. To Rock's credit, he does tend to come in shape when he know its a real test. Too bad that he doesn't have that mentality all the time. I know he had 4 fights last year and I only saw two of them but I can't believe I'll say this. I think he'll come in more determined than Toney. I predict 240-245.

Meantime, training averse extraordinaire, JAMES LIGHT OFF Toney. I'll be impressed if he comes in below 240. That'll be a win for his big mouth in itself.

James was one of my favorite boxers and if he had the love for training that he does talking shit, he'd been second to none. I think Toney has the same issues that Byrd has although not as extreme. He's just FLAT, his reflexes aren't what they used to be and he takes a lot more shots than he normally has.

Plus INACTIVITY for him is very bad. I'd be willing to be my life that he's NOT in shape right NOW. So to expect him to get in shape by July is really pushing it.

The biggest question surrounding this fight is; will james toney be able to step through the ropes, or will his massive baskin-robbins gut make him roll in on the mat?
This will be a boring fight that ends in another draw and they both continue to fight.
OR, even worse (if there can be anything worse), boring fight, no clear winner, but they choose a winner and the loser cries foul and keeps on fighting because they got "robbed."

Toney is ruined through eating and steroids.
Rahman is a huge waste. He should have retired after he lost to John Ruiz.
Mean Mister Mustard
I think Rahman was able to get in tremendous shape for the first fight because Toney still had a good reputation. Now the incentive is gone and odds are both guys will show up out of shape.
This has potential to break Mcline and Valuev's total combined weight record! LOL
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