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Right now Im looking to increase my muscle mass and burn a little fat. You know... the typical goal laugh.gif

Along with my training program Iam currently taking Cell Tech along with EAS L Glutamine. I have been tempted to take liquid Masterdrol. But I want to learn more about it. I just wanna see what you guys use and what you think.
Bill The Butcher
Personally, the only supplements that are worth taking are Whey Protein, Fish Oil, and Multivitamins. Then do some heavy research on how to eat clean and healthy. That is the way to go. If you want to gain muscle mass, Diet is a huge part of it, not supplements. And obviously the right kind of weight lifting.

As long as you eat clean, you can go above your normal calorie intake, get plenty of protein in your diet, and lift weights. Do a lot of compound lifts like Bench, Squat, Deadlifts, Military Press, Bent Over Rows, Pulls ups, Chin Ups, Dips, etc. You will gain muscle mass.
Alright my friend, ditch the Cell Tech...that shit is overpriced and about 8 years past its prime.

Get the new hot shit Fierce...this is whats popping on the streets now!
QUOTE(Spyder @ May 31 2008, 10:34 AM) [snapback]390970[/snapback]
Alright my friend, ditch the Cell Tech...that shit is overpriced and about 8 years past its prime.

Get the new hot shit Fierce...this is whats popping on the streets now!

Cell Tech is a bit pricy but I got a good deal off of one one of my ex teammates b/c he didn't use it. So I didnt pay much but I wanted to see some results before I went out and bought it again!
So what about this Fierce? does it work? I took NO Explode a few years ago and it worked for about a month then I built an immunity. That Sucked!
I'm on my fourth jug of Fierce and still see results. In my opinion, you can get similar results taking a variety of other supplements, or you can save yourself some cash and just take one.

Here's the deal with Cell Tech. When creatine first jumped on the scene, EVERYBODY starting producing it. It was HUGE. There was a shitload of research going into it to test the results, possible side-effects, and to see how you could maximize its results. They found that if you take creatine with carbs(sugar) that it got absorbed into your system quicker and more easily. That's when EAS started putting the equivlant of Kool-Aid into their creatine monohydrate and selling it at two or three times the cost as Phosphagen HP. The dummies and joe public gobbled that shit up. I bought one jug. Then I did my own research and found that I could get the same results by taking plain creatine with grape juice(has the most sugar of any juice). MuscleTech improved on the formula and created Cell Tech. I used that shit A LOT.

Fast forward to today...continued research found that a matrix comprised of different forms of creatine actually absorbed BETTER than creatine monohydrate which they previously thought. Cell Tech followed suit...that's around the time that NO Xplode came around. NO was really good and became VERY popular. Then this little company called SAN started making this shit called V-12 that users found was outperforming NO Xplode. I used V-12 consistently...used to swear by it. That is until SAN released Fierce. My nutrition supplier told me about it and asked me to try it out...he knows that I've tried almost everything...I won't buy anything else now. It's the real deal. It gives you strength, energy, focus, fat loss...times that I used to leave the gym due to fatigue, I starting looking for something else to lift. The gains you get from it are unbelieveable. It doesn't come without a cost though...

The one side-effect that myself and a couple other users have found was that during the first week of use, it feels like you just ate a laxative...if there is anything in you intestines, that shit is coming out! (literally) That only lasts for the first week though, then your body adjusts and it doesn't happen. It's worth it for the results you'll see though...but hey, you wanted to lose weight anyway right? lol

Let me know if you try it...
I've taken just about everything that's walked or crawled at one time or another.

I take liquid L-Carnatine, sometimes liquid L-Glutamine, coupled w Gakik and/or Luekik, and a mega Men Sport packet. I also drink a Myoplex Lite for breakfast, and try and eat sushi (raw fish, no rice) for lunch. Also try to eat dinner early (before 5:30-6PM), or not at all.

Currently, I am taking CE2 HI-DEF Creatine Complex (pill form), as well as some testosterone booster (T2???).

* Increases Strength in Fast Twitch (type I) and Slow Pitch (type II) Muscle Fibers,*
* Prolongs Time of Maximum Strength*
* Helps Break Down, Mobilize, and Burn Fat*
* Enhanced with Beta-alanine*
* Users Report No Edema or Muscle Cramping*

Picture Yourself Stronger, Larger, and in "Hi-Def!"
You train hard. Your goal is clear. Size, Symmetry, and "Cuts". You can picture the end result: Broad muscular shoulders, a super tight waist, and highly defined muscles. And now you've got the nutraceutical technology to get you the sought-after X-frame you want, Fact: CE2 HI-DEF™! The world's first strength enhancing, power-prolonging, thermogenic creatine complex.*

CE2 Hi-Def: ~ New "Triple Action" Complex

Ester Creatine ~ Gain Instant Strength
It all starts with University developed rapid-diffusion ester creatine in CE2 HI-DEF. You rapidly get the powerful strength-enhancing properties of creatine. Best of all, users report no water retention (edema), dehydration, or cramping*

Beta-Alanine ~ Stronger ~ Longer!
Now you can maintain your maximum strength for longer periods of time. MRI's premium beta-alanine (BA) releases carnosine, stabilizing muscle tissue "pH." giving the muscle cell the ability to flush out muscle-disabling toxins- fast. What's more, MRI's BA super-charges creatine's effect in the muscle cell, which may give you even greater performance.*

Thermo-RK ~ Burn Fat ~ Maintain Muscle
At last, you may be able to burn fat and maintain your muscle. MRI's Thermo-RK activates norepinephrine, increasing the breakdown of fat and making it available for your body to burn as muscle fuel! This also spares your glycogen stores and lean tissue. Now you can finally see yourself stronger, larger...and in HI-DEF!*

Description: CE2-HI-DEF™ represents the first genuine thermogenic creatine complex. This revolutionary formula is specifically designed to increase your strength, maintain maximum strength longer, and help burn fat. The advanced ester creatine in CE2 HI-DEF absorbs in seconds-giving you a rapid increase in strength. The beta-alanine helps destroy toxins, increasing your time of maximum strength. Thermo-RK helps break apart fat stores (lipolysis), transports them to the fat-burning mitochondria (mobilization), and burns them up (beta-oxidation). That makes CE2 HI-DEF the perfect creatine for individuals who want to increase their training performance and achieve high muscular definition.*

Kinda looks like they have the same shit as in fierce. It comes in Pill form. 2 in the AM and 2 in the afternoon (or, 30 min before workout).

Meth, it sounds like that stuff has about the same bang for your buck as Fierce. I'll ask about it...

I used something else before that came in pill form: Labrada ReCharged. Doses were similar. The idea being that you keep levels constant in your system rather than experiencing drop-offs.

Fierce gets you UP so much that you wouldn't be able to sleep if you took it too late. To get that effect, I have a separate creatine powder that I'll take in the evening...sometimes. Who knows if I really need too, I might just be pissing it out. haha

Bill The Butcher
I'm telling you guys, if you ditch all that stuff, and eat with a good diet - You will save a lot of money and see good results in strength, size, muscle gains, etc....Depending on how many calories you eat and what type of weight lifting/exercise program you use. You can overload the calories with good, healthy food. And make sure you get plenty of protein in your diet from eggs, chicken, fish, etc. And also, just buy a bunch of whey protein and take that 3 times a day, better around workout sessions.
Winstrol works REALLY good too.
just follow verra's lead!
dj necrogenic
I inject the same legal supplements that Sugar Shane does
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