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Full Version: Zab Judah sends Herman Ngodgou to the hospital
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Judah sealed his legacy with a win over young star, Herman Ngodgou. Round after round, Judah punished Herman, and took the young champion into deep waters he'd never been in before. The referee mercifully stopped the contest in round 11 when Herman took shot after shot after shot without being able to defend himself.

After the fight, Judah went over to Herman to give him props for a good fight.

"They all get it knowmsayin! Dat C-C-C-C-C-CROOOOKLYYYYYYYYN styyyllllleee!"

Ngoudjo can't remember which corner is his. He has his left eye swollen shut. He has his right eye swollen shut. He has a gash over his left eye. He has a gash over his right eye. He has a fractured nose. He has a bloody lip.

Nuff said....laugh.gif
Ngoudjo took 228 injury points wacko.gif He didnt really have ANY before this fight.

But Jab Judah wants Zab now!

Herman Ngoudjo is officially on the transfer market now by the way.
#1 p4p fighter Joan Guzman regained the lightweight title for a record 6th time last night. He expressed his interest in fighting Zab Judah for super fight weekend III for the Jr. Welterweight title.

No Fear has also said he wants to fight Zab Judah for the Jr. Welterweight Title at Super fight Weekend III laugh.gif

the ball is in Zab Judah's corner.
Guzman-Zab would definitely be huge. You gotta do that.
Guzman was Judah's SON in the gym. If Joan wants a taste of the BK style beatdown...bring it.
signed. prediction thread coming up.
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