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Full Version: Billy Idol and Steve Stevens were bad motherfuckers
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so I was flipping through the stations in my car today when I caught this '80s "Triple Play"...

White Wedding

Rebel Yell

Eyes Without A Face

It STILL rocks.

This dude just couldn't be stopped in his of my few favorites that WASN'T Rap or Soul related back then....

P.S.~ Check him gettin' his Simon Brown on in the last video...dude was rocking in his sleep!

I never really liked Rebel Yell when I was younger, but now I have taken a liking to it as it reminds me of my mum and dad. They used to drain that song along with Billy Idol's greatest hits CD.
Your parents used to fucking ROCK then...laugh.gif

That's good music to me...good videos too....
Oh man, you don't know what you just started...

...or maybe you do!


What'd I do?


This is an innocent thread....Billy Idol rocked shit. I wanted to let the people know....
Billy Idol used to tag along with Simon Beverly aka Sid Vicious & the Pistols. he was one of the original punk rockers.
I didn't know he hung around with The knew about Generation X, and that he was Punk to the core though.....he really created an original sound when he got with Stevens on his first LP...

I always felt he was like a modern day Elvis Presley/Jim Morrison mix in his prime.....which is a pretty damn cool combo in my opinion...
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