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Full Version: Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Juan Manuel Lopez
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THIS will be the fight of the night.

I really like Juan Ma as a fighter. Good solid all around skills.

Daniel, despite his caveman like technique, is strong as hell and a pretty tough guy to beat. He was able to beat the smaller Gerry in a tough fight by throwing over 1000 punches and he knocked out prospect Rey Bautista in like a minute.

Will Ponce walk through Juan Ma or will Juan Ma outbox him? Helluva fight here.
When a boxer faces Ponce de Leon, he usually looks like a much better technician than they really are. That's because in addition to being uncoordinated, he's also very slow. His saving grace is that he has a quality chin and a murderous left cross.

If Juanma is going to win, he's going to need to be in shape to fight 12 rounds. If he slacks up for a bit Ponce will pounce and have him in trouble.

Lopez needs to keep the fight in the middle of the ring and establish his jab. His jab will open up opportunities for countering between PDL's wide shots.

I think the biggest questions are A) can Lopez take a good punch and cool.gif can Lopez fight for 12 rounds. If Lopez shows up to win, he'll take it.
Im a big fan of Juan Ma he looks like a future star but he's in for a tough one this weekend. I agree that Juan Ma's best bet is to use his superior boxing to try and take a decision but he's also shown pretty good punching power. Im not saying he'll stop Deleon but don't underestimate his power. But if Juan Ma can't take Deleon punch he's in big trouble either way this should be the fight of the night.
Mean Mister Mustard
I will be rooting for De Leon, although if Lopez is the real deal he would be better for the sport in the long term. We will find out.
Byrd Man
I believe this is the co-main feature. At least that's what I read awhile back. Things could have changed.

Go Ponce! lol
QUOTE(Byrd Man @ Jun 5 2008, 10:32 AM) [snapback]391439[/snapback]
I believe this is the co-main feature. At least that's what I read awhile back. Things could have changed.

Go Ponce! lol

This fight will be the fight of the night. I've been looking forward to Lopez stepping up against a great young Mexican fighter like Abner Mares or Daniel Ponce de Leon. I thought Rey Bautista would've still been a top fighter making a great three-way rivalry ala Freitas-Corrales-Casamayor.

If Lopez can dictate the distance effectively his quicker feet should allow him to get in and out while getting his work done. My only concern there is Lopez going straight back against PDL's straight punches. If Lopez is on, he should be able to take PDL to school.
Im looking forward to this fight as well. Lopez is a good looking prospect but I feel that De Leon might be too much for him at this stage of his career.
I've been impressed with Lopez ever since he was 8-0. This guys has the skills and the power to be something special. De Leon has trouble with guys who have boxing skills, and this fight will be nothing different. Lopez is too fundamentally sound to lose to a fighter like De Leon. I expect him to win by fairly wide decision.
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