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Full Version: Quintana vs. Williams II/Forrest Mora
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Jack 1000
Who do you favor in this double header?

I will take Forrest and Quintana to win. Both by UD.

I'm taking Williams and Forrest. I think Williams has something to prove and he will. If not he'll end up like Taylor...having to go up a class. I think Mora has the heart but not the skill to beat Forrest. I want Mora to win but I dont think it will happen.
The Original MrFactor
Williams D12, Forest D12.
Forrest by UD.

If Quintana can fight the same fight he fought the first time he'll take a UD.
Forrest UD
Quintana by close decision
Williams and Forrest both by ko.

Forrest knows that this is probably his last chance to impress the fans/networks enough to put himself in position for a big money fight, and Mora ain't nothing special.

Williams wants his career back on track and he knows that Quintana can't hurt him, so he'll go for broke as well.

Williams By close but Clear Decision

Forrest by late round stoppage! TKO11
I got Quintana by UD. Look for him to be in better shape this time around, I think he is going to surprise a lot of people.

Forest by KO between rounds 6-10
There really is no comparison between Forrest and Mora, and I expect Mora to be completely thrashed, which has become a certainty with all Contender fighters when they fight a real opponent. Forrest by KO.

I thought Quintana schooled him comfortably in the first fight, and I don't see an immediate rematch helping Williams too much. I'm not very confident in this pick at all though. Williams has the potential, but he had a lot of trouble with Quintana's movement and counters. I think Quintana might just have his number. Quintana by close decision.

Forrest by by UD

Quintana has Williams number, though I see it being a SD
forrest by late ko
i think quintana has the edge having won the first fight, but williams has some serious motivation after the loss. i expect him to be sharper and probably have a better game plan. if quintana (and his corner) are good enough he'll be able to make adjustments and win another decision.
Jack 1000
I was certainly in the minority but I had Williams up 115-113 in the first fight, along with Harold Lederman. However, there were about 4 rounds that could have gone either way. (50/50) It must be noted that Quintana LOOKED so much better in the fight than anyone could have imagined, and that had a major impact on how his effort was perceived. The decision for Quintana in the first fight was the right call. I recall giving at least two of those rounds to Paul because he was the champion, and the champion about 55% of the time, gets close rounds. But on sheer effort and determination, without giving Williams the benefit of the doubt, I could easily see a 116-112 Quintana win.

This time, there will be fewer close rounds and I will expect a 116-112 Quintana type win on everyone's cards. I think Carlos has his number this time. It's hard to see what Williams could change to do better in the rematch. Quintana now knows how to get inside that awkward reach of Williams. Paul may not like that kind of pressure this time around. The outsiders may say at about 30% that Carlos' win was a fluke. But I don't think Quintana is that type of fighter.

The question after this rematch if Paul loses again will be:

"Was he a good fighter, or more of an athletic freak of nature because of his size and reach?"

yeah, i think part of it was coming off a hard fought victory over margarito i think williams thought that quintana was going to be eas work. he looked pretty sloppy. i think he'll come in a lot sharper this time.
Mean Mister Mustard
If Williams can use his height effectively and make Quinatana miss he has a shot. Otherwise expect to see the same result as the last time.
I'm going with both underdogs tonight. I expect Quintana to win a wide decision over Williams tonight. The weight will be too much of a factor for Williams, and the boxing skills of Quintana are being underrated again. Williams is a good fighter, and will be a good jr. middleweight, but this is just a bad match for him. I just can't envision him winning this fight.

The main event will also be intriguing. Mora is going to give Forrest fits. Forrest has looked good in his last two fights, but he was fighting opponents that stood right in front of him. They were made to order for him, and he took care of business to his credit. Mora is so akward, and is slick in there. Forrest is going to get frustrated when he's unable to land punches, and will be open for counters. This will allow Mora to take over the fight in the later part, and take a decision.
I believe I have made my hatred for Mora quite clear. He's an asshole and I hope Forrest knocks him off the face of the planet.
I'm going with Paul tonight by decision or maybe by late KO. It's been Carlos the giant killer as of late and the fight was a lot closer than everyone is making it out to be. At the end of each round, he was looking worse for wear and I think it should be a better night for Paul. As for Forrest/ Mora, I won't go against the grain, but I don't see it being a washout like everyone else. Overall, it will be goodnight of fights.
DAMN! its over paul ko 1
The Original MrFactor
Williams is BACK!!! Most avoided again... I'd love to see him get the Clottey Judah Winner... BTW... I hear Mosley and DLH are available... I'm sure Williams phone wont be ringing...
The Original MrFactor
Very impressive win. Did what he had to do. Tonite he found that head... He sparred lEFTY's this time around. Did anyone notice how small he was at the weigh in, then the huge size difference on fight night. They said he came in on fight night at 156. Williams looks every bit of 165...
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