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Full Version: Zab Judah to have final fight in his long career next Sunday.
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Judah (34-16-3) has announced that he is not interested in the Guzman rematch anymore and he wants an easy fight to go out on a "good note". According to Judah, Guzman has about as much power as Running Man but he is definitely a harder fighter. Judah closed both Guzman's eyes in the fight but lost a 8-4, 9-3 type decision. Judah told the press that he wants to administer a vicious beatdown to a contender. Junior Witter, Rock Allen, Lalutsch, Herms Franca, Fernando Vargas are potential opponents for this Sunday.

Judah has fought a tough list opponents: Roland Navarette 3x, Miguel Cotto 3x, Sigmund Kraab 2x, Running Man 4x, Paulie Malignaggi, Herman Ngdoudjo, Lights Out, Mike Tayloe 4x, Buddy McGirt, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jabdiel Judah 2x, Carlos Maussa 3x, Freddy McPheerson 2x, Joan Guzman, Rey De Los Santos, Pavel Molotov, Shane Mosley, Luis Collazo, William Joppy, Malvador Manchez.

Although he did not win all of those fights, he definitely fought the best of his era..and feels he has earned the right to go out against a lesser opponent.
And Zab Judah picks...

The shot Fatnando Vargas.

Zabs had a great run after coming back out of retirement and the Guzman fight pretty much saved our anniversary. Definitely our most legendary fighter ever!

Well see if hell stay in retirement though biggrin.gif
Zab already had a "retirement" fight against Miguel Cotto and he came back after a week.

Over/under on Zab's 2nd retirement, 2 weeks. laugh.gif any takers? laugh.gif
Zab will stay retired for 3 weeks.

laugh.gif Nah...

Zab has really no one left to fight...he made his mark with this final comeback..winning 4 huge fights by brutal KO. The reason he made the last comeback was to just enhance is legacy. If Zab stays, he just keeps knocking out bums he hasn't fought yet....But he's already fought every big name 140 pounder in history so there is no point in staying now.
So here is a description of Judah's final bout:

-Vargas walks into latin music, with a sumbrero. Weighs in at 158 pounds.
-Walks into Jeru The Damaja's "Brooklyn Took It". Weighs in at 140 pounds.

Round 1: Chess match...Judah hurts Vargas with a hook. Judah lands a monster left. Vargas is counted out. Judah goes home to his crackhouse in peace, reminiscing all the great time's he's had in WeBL.

Zab Judah KO 1 Fernando Vargas.

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