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Full Version: What's next for Chad Dawson
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U.S. Champ
I haven't heard anything about Chad since fighting Glen anybody got some news on potential opponents or who they like to see him square off with
Isnt he fighting Tarver?
U.S. Champ
Is that official
U.S. Champ
I'd Rather see him fight Johnson
Apparently Tarver is pricing himself out of the fight now.
His mandatory fight with Adrian Diaconu is coming up next, then he goes into an optional defense period.

I'm hoping that he faces the likes of Shaun George, a Tarver unification or possibly a rematch with Glen Johnson.
I'd like to see the belts unified. Hopefully Tarver is next. The belts havent been unified since Roy did it. Since they are all split up I'd like to see who can unify them now.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
I happen to like Chad a lot,

I congratulate him on taking on a tough guy like Glen Johnson when no-one else in the division was willing to fight him.

And now after squeaking by him I think he has ZERO interest in fighting him again which is a shame because it's a fight that a lot of fans would like to see again.

I see a big money fight with Tarver if he can get him in the ring (what with Tarver's delusions of grandeur-going 12 rounds with Rocky does not a superstar makes methinks). Despite the whooping he gave Woods I still think the 'Milkdud of Malice' is a shot fighter and Chad has an easier night for bigger pay than a Johnson re-match.

Maybe if Roy loses Calzaghe as his dance partner to Pavlik he could step up to the plate, although I hope he doesn't for Roy's sake.
QUOTE(the ollie reed fan club @ Jun 10 2008, 12:42 AM) [snapback]392016[/snapback]
Maybe if Roy loses Calzaghe as his dance partner to Pavlik he could step up to the plate, although I hope he doesn't for Roy's sake.

I'd still go with Roy!
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
You'd still go with Roy??!!

Based on what?

Beating up B-level opposition and an overweight over-the-hill Trinidad?

Look I like Roy, I really do, and I laughed for a week when he beat Ruiz to claim a portion of the heavyweight title, but his days of hanging with the top dogs is long long over and anything lese is just plain delusional.

(DISCLAIMER: I will obviously admit that in his prime Roy would have given Dawson fits, however Roy is no longer in his prime or anything close to it.)

Mean Mister Mustard
I think Dawson could beat Diaconu but it would be a huge risk considering Diaconu's heavy hands. I remember hearing a while back that Dawson was going to fight Diaconu but then it turned out to be a trick to get more money for a Tarver fight.
Dawson needs to unify. A rematch with Johnson would be O.K, but I think that Dawson would win much easier!

Tarver would be I close fight but I would actually favor Tarver by a slim margin. I think his long south paw built would be a problem for Dawson. Tarver has a really good left hand and if He catches Dawson on his fragile chin, I think Dawson would be in trouble.

As for Roy! I would have to go with Dawson. On the other hand, Dawson has never fought anyone with the speed of Roy, even at this stage of Roy's career. Could be interesting...
It could be very interesting. Until I see some one just totally dominate Roy again I will still consider him a top 5 light heavyweight. Yes thats my opinion and I'm rolling with it. There are a lot of people who would disagree but thats cool I can live with that.

Back to Dawson, I'm still up in the air about him. I DO NOT like Antonio Tarver but I'd favor Tarver in a fight with Dawson. I've never seen Tarver in any real serious trouble. Yes I've seen him knocked down but never really hurt like I've seen Dawson or Roy...thats one sturdy ass chin. But I hope they make the fight. Thats one I wont miss for a nothing.

UNIFY THOSE we can have one champion.
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