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Full Version: The Official Joan Guzman - Muckles Reilly Fight #7 World Lightweight Championship Thread
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Sunday June 15, 2008 is yet another battle in a long grueling conflict between the 2 top Lightweights in the world.

The #1 Pound For Pound Fighter in the World Today, 3 Division World Champion, The Greatest Lightweight Of All Time with 6 reigns at 135 pounds, Reigning Jr. Welterweight Champion Of The World Joan Guzman (37-7-4 12KOs) returns to Lightweight to take on Reigning World/ABC Lightweight Champion (depending how you view it laugh.gif) Muckles Reilly (25-4-2 6KOs)

These 2 have fought many close battles in the past with their 6th fight being a decisive victory for Joan Guzman. What will happen this time around???

Joan Guzman Career Highlights :

W UD 12 Osvaldo Batista - For the Jr. Bantamweight Title
D 12, D 12, W UD 12, W UD 12, W UD 12 Cash On Demand - turns draws over into dominate wins.
W TKO 7, W KO 12, W KO 10 Pavel "The Spy" Molotov - solid win over the former world champion
W TKO 6 Freddy "The Finisher" McPheerson - solid win over the former world champion
W KO 11,L UD 12, L UD 12, W KO 12 Jesse Jane - won lightweight title in fight one. turns over losses into another knockout win to win the lightweight title for the 2nd time over the 3 division world champion.
L KO 4, W UD 12 Ricardo Reyes - turns over careless loss into a dominating win to win back the lightweight title for the 3rd time.
W TKO 9 Tera Patrick - destroys 3 division World Champion Tera Patrick in lightweight super fight.
W UD 12, W SD 12 Carlos "El Indio" Quintana - Defeated the #1 contender, Undefeated Quintana.
L UD 12, W UD 12, W UD 12, W UD 12 Ray De Los Santos - loses title in fight 1. Regains title and delivers the first loss to the undefeated Santos in fight 2. Completes the trilogy with a UD victory in fight 3. Defeates #1 contender Santos again in fight 4.
W UD 12 JoJo - delivers the first loss to the undefeated 21-0 #1 Contender.
D 12, D 12, L UD 12, W SD 12, L UD 12, W UD 12 Muckles Reilly - Loses Lightweight Title in fight 3 after 2 draws. Regains Lightweight title for the 5th time in Fight 4. Loses lightweight title in fight 5. Regains lightweight title for the 6th time in fight 6 over the #1 contender and champion Reilly.
W UD 12 Zab "Super" Judah - Wins Jr. Welterweight Title over HOFer and top 5 p4p at the time.


Muckles Reilly Career Highlights :

W KO 12 The Punisher - In a battle of undefeated prospects
W UD 12, W UD 12 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - solid wins over the former world champion and HOFer.
W UD 12 Freddy "The Finisher" McPheerson - solid win over the former world champion
D 12, D 12, W UD 12, L SD 12, W UD 12, L UD 12 Joan Guzman - defeats the #1 p4p in the world and wins the lightweight title in fight 3. Loses title in fight 4. Regains title in fight 5. Loses title in fight 6.
W KO 1 Kelson Pinto - Knocks out top contender 23-1 Pinto in the first round.


Place your bets!
I dont wanna see an 8th!!! fight between these two, so I hope Guzman will win a UD. And I also pick Guzman to win the fight.

Cant like Muckles Reilly and Tony Palomino biggrin.gif wink.gif
Reilly is one of the best fighters I've ever had at Krumbsnatcher but his predicament is the same as Tony Palomino's. There is a bloody good champion standing in his way!

To have a hope of winning this fight Reilly needs a new fight plan, a new strategy. He needs to up his game just like Guzman did in the last fight between the two of them. I won't vote on a winner until I've made a new fight plan....
It could go either way. All I know is Zab would knock both of them in the same night if they came to his hometown Brooklyn.
Guzman did a Calzaghe with a touch of Deep Freeze added into the mix. He slapped his way to a clear points lead and then ran away for the remaining rounds to get the clear verdict.
Fighters from Team Judah praise Guzman.

Paul Malignaggi: Guzman is the p4p king, without a doubt!!!
Jabdiel Judah: He is king.
Terry Norris: He was a mentor of mine. He had a BS losses to Cotto and Ricardo Reyes. He would kill Cotto.
Zab Judah: he ain't neva really gon' be as hard as me, but he is the best today!
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