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Full Version: Zab Judah "I am the greatest motherf*ckin fighter in league history!"
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It is uknown weather Zab Judah was high on marijuana or intoxicated but Fighthype interviewed Zab Judah about his career and retirement. The interview took place in Zab Judah's mansion in Brooklyn, New York. Judah was seen hanging out with all his brothers.

FH: Zab, starting your career a 1-7 "crackhead clown" as the community called you at the time, you worked your way up to the top, fought the best, and became a 2-division World Champion. Zab, how do you feel about your career?

ZJ: I feel great about knowmsayin? It was like, I was supposed to be a manic depressive, delusional crackhead at the start of my career, knowmsayin. But I showed them, knowmsayin? I beat em' all, knowmsyain? Dey ain't wanna fuck wit' that KID from BK. But okay, maybe I was bipolar, knowmsayin? I was going through rough times. My doc gave me this damn Zoloft knowmsayin? I was on this shit throughout my career. Fuckin zoloft, fucks with yo mind sometimes.

FH: Zab, alot of younger fighters look up to you.

ZJ: Of course they do, knowmsayin....I went from street kid to having MILLIONS..and Lord Judah means..MILLIONS...of believers...dey believe my skills. Youknowmsayin?

FH: Zab, what would you say are your top 5 wins?

ZJ: Well number 1 would have to be my win over Herman Ngdojou youknowmsayin? He beat Cotto, my southern cousin Jimmy Jack Judah, and Floyd Mayweather. I fucked Herman up, uknowmsayin? He got a taste of the anger of Lord Judah for beating me via bullshit DQ, knowmsayin? Number 2 is my 3rd win over Mike Taylor. I fucked that boy up. He is my son, youknowmsayin? Number 3 is my win over Paul Malignaggi, knowmsayin? He is my italian lil brotha but I layed him out. I had to. It was my mission. He was in my way. Number 4 would have to be my win ova Cyrus "Running Man" Virus knowmsayin? Das my boy right thurr knowmsayin! He be scurred of Zab at first but he was able to beat me 3 times...then I layed his ass out in the 4th! Number 5 would have to be FaTNANDO Vargas..knowmayin? He was a fuckin fatass he weighed 17 pounds more than me and I layed his burrito chewing ass out! Nah im playing,'s gotta be Carlos Maussa! My 3rd fight with him, knowmsayin? It was tragic! God bless him! But, uknowmsayin, it was our destiny. We had to fight! It was 1-1! A 3rd fight was needed.

FH: Zab, what do you think of the Carlos Quintana?

ZJ: I ain't think nothing of him, uknowmsayin? He a good fighter and all..but I would have smashed him, BK style, knwosmayin?

FH: Zab, rate the top 5

ZJ: 1. Zab Judah, 2. Touch Of Sleep, 3. Maxy Gawn, 4. Joan Guzman, 5. Travis Simms

FH: You rate yourself number 1?

ZJ: Yeah boy, you got a problem with that?

FH: No.

ZJ: Listen, all deez mothafuckas don't ever got shit on me! I am BROOKLYNS finest, son and when you BK's finest, you are WORLDS finest. I called out TOS and Maxy Gawn back in the day, dey didnt want it with Judah, knowmsayin? Dey KNEW what type of indestructable force Zab Judah was. I am a fuckin DON, knowmsayin? I would make Travis Simms, BEND to Lord Jduah's will, knowmsayin?

FH: Zab I hear your getting into trouble outside of the ring?

ZJ: Yeah, youknwosmayin, I needed to slap a few n*ggaz for disrespecting me, I might be doing time for a while, knowmsayin?

FH: Any chance of a comeback?

ZJ: No, brotha, No. I'm done.

FH: Thanks for your time Zab.

ZJ: Ayt cool, no problem. BK FOREVA!!!!!!!!!! JUDAH IS 4EVA!


Nice one, G. At least Zab cant keep his mouth shot biggrin.gif
Will there ever be another character like Zab Judah in our league? I don't think so.

Fuckin' crack head!


Seriously though, there are a lot of great fighters around at the moment but not enough of them have enough character to be on the level of Zab. Great talker, great fighter, always entertaining.
Carlos Quintana

"I wish Zab the best as he was one of my mentors coming up. I regret the fact that we never faced off in the ring as we have both beaten many of the top fighters in our divisions. Best of luck in retirement. We all know Zab cant stay gone."


"Zab getting into the HoF was a first. Then he came back and fough amazingly. I really think his comeback is what really made him a HoFer."
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