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Full Version: The Strangers
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Alright, so this movie isn't about the masturbation technique like I originally thought...and unlike the old numb-hand jerk-off, this movie was a complete waste of time.

It sucked pretty hard...although if you like predictable, unoriginal, poorly written, week plotted movies, whose only purpose is to build might like it.

I personally feel like I wasted $15 and 2 hours of my life(including drive time).
Bill The Butcher
You should have went and saw Kung Fu Panda instead.
That was one of the options. I told the little lady she had the choice between: The Strangers, Kung Fu Panda, Hulk, or Don't Mess with the Zohan...she picked The Strangers. She agreed that it sucked, so on the bright side I have a feeling that The Hulk is next!

Bill The Butcher
Right on.

Kung Fu Panda was good. I like to use the excuse, "I'm taking my daughter to see it," but in reality, I wanted to see it more than she did.

The Hulk is next for me. I've been hearing good things about that movie.
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