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Full Version: The Genesis is back
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Al Hata

The Genesis has come out of retirement. His last fight vs. Allen Greene showed that he was a shot fighter. Problem is, the Genesis has got into some trouble recently. He hasn't been paying child support, and thats not good when you have 25 kids. He also got into a scuffle with another chop gym member, James the Reaper Roper in which a 16 year old girl, and a donkey were hurt. Charges were filed and now there are now questions on what exactly has been "going down" at the chop gym recently. Well, we need the money to dust these issues under the rug.

The chop gym is active, I saw that a lot of old fighters are coming out to show these new kids how to do this and fight old rivals. The Genesis needs the money and wants anybody with a name......Tunney ( I still owe you a beat down), Butwipe, TOS, Harrrrrrrrold. Whoever. Green. Bring it.

Nice to have you back,'s too bad Wheeler never fought Lord Judah.
Great move, man, welcome back smile.gif

Ghusson is a legend.
Harold "Harry" Angus was given the go ahead by the Chop gym to schedule some fights after a consultation that revealed the financial difficulties the gym and the fighters had found themselves in. Angus was happy to oblige and welcomes the Chop gym back.

Good stuff.
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