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Talk about decline of quality content--- what happened to this guy??

I'm an avid boxing website surfer and I don't even bother with that site anymore.
Read the thread called Monkey Business
Ego and arrogance...that's what happened!

It also doesn't help that there are now so many other websites out there that offer the same type of content for FREE. At one point, it was rare that you would find interviews with certain fighters, but that exclusivity is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Don't get me wrong, there will always be that rare occassion when things are clicking over there on all four cylinders, but there are so many options out there now that you don't need to wait around for them (or should I say him) to get you the content that you're looking for. As a website owner, if you're not keeping abreast of the changing trends in the industry and you're not able to offer your viewers the type of quality that they deserve, then the product that you're putting out there is going to suffer. Leon is NOT interested AT ALL in paying attention to market trends or offering a quality product to his customer (who he so lovingly referred to as annoying monkeys)...all he's interested in is putting money in his pocket. Now that he thinks he's found another avenue to line his pockets (i.e. the g. leon advisory group), his website is going to it has been.

As an avid boxing fan, I honestly wouldn't even bother visiting that site anymore as his interviews have become nothing more than a platform for fighters to try and get fights. I mean, just take one of their latest interviews...the one that Darren Nichols did with Verno Phillips. I mean, as most of you already know, leon "advises" Phillips. Obviously, being his "advisor", leon couldn't do the interview himself so he called Darren and asked him to do the interview for him. If you read the interview, you'll notice that it's nothing more than Verno trying to get himself a fight with De La Hoya (pardon me while I chuckle about the thought of Oscar actually thinking twice about that fight) or Sergio Mora. I mean, the interviews aren't even hard-hitting anymore...just basically an opening question like, "so tell us [insert fighter's name here], what's the latest and greatest" and then the fighter just basically calling out everyone they want to fight before ending with, "well keep it short so give us your closing thoughts." That's basically the format of EVERY interview over there. No probing real interest in the sport...just a bunch of weak 5-question interviews. I must say, the site has really gone downhill since my departure...and that's not to toot my own horn anything like that...just pretty much where I saw the site heading when I realized that leon was only using the sport as his latest hustle. Things weren't always like that...there was a time when, in my opinion, we were doing big things in the sport...but as the money started rolling in and leon's ego got larger than life, things started to change and that's pretty much the time when I began planning my departure.
I couldn't agree more hype. I was trying to point out the same (not so eloquently) about the site. He totally has ignored the trends of the web (dare I say the buzz word 2.0) and I find it comical that you can't even copy content from his site and quote it in other places because he is so worried about people stealing it. Its like, come on, the entire internet now is basically a tangled web of sites linking to each other and this guy is blocking all his content.

I actually reached out to him before and the response wasn't all that Oh well, hype has done a great job with this site and integrating your interviews and press conferences (that you normally NEVER see) into youtube was another great move.

Just my 2.
hype hit it on the button with the advising thing. I honestly think b talk is not G's top priority its his advising group.

this site was legit back in the days when there were chats almost every day exclusive inter views every other day now Its a decent interview once every two weeks and no all you andre berto fans bertos interviews arent great G asks him the same shit who cares if cant sleep no need for the berto chronicles if berto is gonna say the same shit over and over lol
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