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Full Version: Arthur Abraham's brother kicked Miranda in the head when he was down?
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Byrd Man
according to ESPN's Dan Rafael on the ESPN site:

In the first fight in Germany in 2006, Abraham suffered a severely broken jaw in the fifth round and his corner forced him to continue. Despite the pain and bleeding profusely from the mouth, Abraham managed to win a close decision. Miranda was penalized five points for fouls during the fight.

That raised the level of nastiness heading into the rematch and it reached a boiling point at the conclusion of the fight.

While Miranda was still on the canvas being attended to by the ring doctor, Alexander Abraham, Arthur's brother, kicked Miranda in the head. That prompted someone from Miranda's corner to try to get into the ring with a folding chair. It took on a WWE twist. But this hatred and venom was real.

Alexander Abraham was arrested by the Seminole Tribal Police and later turned over to Broward County Sheriffs and taken to jail. He was awaiting bail late Saturday night. Arthur Abraham was fined $100,000 by the Seminole Tribal Boxing Commission for failure to control his entourage.
What a fucking scumbag.
Abraham should also be suspended for his piece of sh*t entourage.
F*CK That! his brother should be banned from his corner.

They shouldn't do sh*t to Arthur.

Should they have suspended Mayweather for his Uncle going crazy in the Judah fight?
Alex Abraham should be forced to fight Edison Miranda.
QUOTE(JD @ Jun 22 2008, 09:41 AM) [snapback]393356[/snapback]
Alex Abraham should be forced to fight Edison Miranda.

That would be better! They should use MMA rules too!
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE(JD @ Jun 22 2008, 08:41 AM) [snapback]393356[/snapback]
Alex Abraham should be forced to fight Edison Miranda.

Wow, you read my mind. Let's see how tough this scumbag is when Miranda isn't on the floor.
I felt bad for the pitiful prick when I saw him upset after the first fight, all crying and everything. You know, I kinda took it to mind that he was just a guy who maybe really cared whether his brother was okay after such a tough fight. Seeing his reaction then kinda made me feel there was possibly a great sense of family values in the Abraham brothers' upbringing. Last night, though, he just got the chance to show how truly classless he really is, and it's a shame. Do evil to others, evil often tends to come back.
moscow bear
this guy is also a piece of shit boxer, despite what his record might suggest.
but apparently the story is not true:
Byrd Man
Contrary to other reports, Alexander Abraham did not violently attack Edison Miranda or any member of his team following the knockout victory of King Arthur Abraham this weekend. The brother of the IBF middleweight champion was detained in a casino nearby to the arena after the fight due to the disturbance of an event. Early on Sunday morning (local time), he was set free for an administration fee of 100 U.S Dollars without any further sanctions.. The accusations levelled at him – that he had attacked Edison Miranda or a member of his team – have proven to be absolutely unfounded. “I did not violently attack Miranda or any of his team,” said Alexander Abraham. “It was completely the other way around – our team was attacked by Miranda’s people with chairs.”

The reports which had been spreading around US internet websites that Arthur Abraham has been ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 US Dollars are false. The champion and his team will return to Germany on Monday morning without leaving any unresolved legal wrangles behind.
Byrd Man
still no retraction from Dan Rafael who STILL has that piece in his Saturday Roundup piece.
Miranda's manager: Alex Abraham Did Attack Miranda
By Ryan Songalia

Edison Miranda's co-manager Steve Benbasat is reiterating claims first reported by BoxingScene/MaxBoxing that Alex Abraham, brother of IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham, had attacked "Pantera" as he was receiving medical attention.

"Alex immediately jumped into the ring and ran right up to Miranda while he was lying on his back and begin taunting him and saying disgraceful things and making disgraceful gestures. He actually starting kicking at Miranda's feet. I'm not sure if he actually hit Miranda or hit the mat next to Miranda's feet. This all happened while the doctor was trying to examine Miranda while he was lying on the the mat," Benbasat said.

"After someone removed Alex from that area of the ring, he immediately ran over to our corner and repeatedly told us that he was going to kill all of us. He actually said these exact same words to us in Germany after the first fight. I can assure you that in neither fight not one member of Pantera's team even said one word to Alex. In fact, no one ever even looked his way."

Benbasat said the younger Abraham appeared to be "in some type of uncontrollable outrage," and wasn't ready to go quietly, even after being forcibly removed from the area.

"As Alex was being escorted out of the building, I believe he had some more verbal altercations with a couple of people from our corner.

"After it was considered he was a threat to the public, orders were given to have him arrested. After security located him somewhere else in the casino about 30 minutes later, he apparently got in a physical confrontation with them. Finally, the police arrived and arrested him."

Sauerland Events, promoter of both Abraham brothers, released a press release Sunday claiming that there was no truth to reports that Alex Abraham was involved in any such behavior.

“I did not violently attack Miranda or any of his team,” said Alexander Abraham. “It was completely the other way around – our team was attacked by Miranda’s people with chairs.”

Says Benbasat, "I can assure you that no one came close to hitting Abraham with a chair as he claims."

Alex Abraham was charged with "resisting officers and obstruction" and detained by Broward County Sherrifs until 11AM, when bail in the amount of $100.00 was raised to free the 21-0 (15 KO) junior middleweight.

Abraham and Miranda first met in Germany in 2006, with "King" Arthur pulling out a unanimous decision despite suffering a broken jaw. Determined to prove that his injury had prevented him from dominating his foe, Abraham made the trans-Atlantic trip to Hollwood, FL's Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to face Miranda on his home turf.

Abraham dropped Miranda three times en route to a fourth round TKO victory.

Benbasat says that Miranda is "feeling fine," adding "if you saw him, you would never know he was in a fight last night."

"Unfortunately, he got caught with a short right to the chin which he never fully recovered from. Abraham was able to capitalize and close him out since it occurred so early in the round. The unfortunate thing is that Miranda was boxing nicely in the first 3 rounds as the scorecards indicated. If things would have continued this way, it was very possible that we would have won the fight on points as Abraham's style makes it very hard for a knockout.

"However, this is boxing, and one punch can change everything as was illustrated in the fourth round. Miranda's aggressive style provides an opportunity for his opponents, and Abraham was able to expose that with some accurate counterpunching which ultimately ended the fight."

Any questions or comments? Send them to
I don't really remember seeing any altercations after the fight and I'm not so sure I believe much of what Miranda's people say as they're a bunch of shit talking/talk of their ass types.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Jun 23 2008, 02:46 AM) [snapback]393435[/snapback]
Miranda's camp attacked Alex Abraham and his team with chairs? That is absolutely despicable. He should be banned for life. What a low act, what a scum bag.

Could not agree more. I did LOL when I saw he had been KO'd after all his trash talk.
"Miranda's camp attacked Alex Abraham and his team with chairs? That is absolutely despicable. He should be banned for life. What a low act, what a scum bag."

^^^ Yeah, no sore loser shyt for me either. That's fawkd up and only should add vinegar to his already wounded reputation after that butt-kickin' he received threw everything he'd have to say back up in his face. My apologies, Alex Abraham, if this is true that you didn't.
I grew up around a few Armenians and they can get nasty when they want to... They took all that shit talking by Miranda real personal....

Did you guys see Alex crying in Germany after the first fight?? IF he did go after Miranda, then I'd say he needs some anger management help.

QUOTE(Fitz @ Jun 23 2008, 07:41 AM) [snapback]393451[/snapback]
I was kind of half joking with my comment. I don't know what happened, I just said that because we got a few replies on how disgusting Alex Abraham's act was apparently, then when the other story came, there was a bit of silence for a bit and nobody seemed to say anything. Either way, it's pretty classless if you kick someone when they are down or attack people with chairs. But until then, I'm not sure what happened. Nobody seemed to say anything in the round by round and something like happening doesn't seem like a thing that people would have missed. I don't think the full story is coming out, at this stage it seems like things may have been fabricated.

Yep, exactly what I was thinking. The claim that Abraham kicked Miranda after he was knocked down shortly after the fight was stopped and people were in the ring, you would think that would be caught on camera or Bernstien and Albert would've at least said something about it on camera. That part to me smells fishy. I think there might be some truth to the scuffle after the fight when both camps were leaving the ring but judging by Mirand'a people(and how much shit they talked to Abraham and like someone else mentioned sometimes these foreign fighter don't take the shit talking too well) it wouldn't surprise me if they did embellish the story a bit. Just have to wait and see how everything shakes out...
the only person that got arrested was him so judging by that then he was the only one out of line.
King Eugene
QUOTE(JD @ Jun 22 2008, 09:41 AM) [snapback]393356[/snapback]
Alex Abraham should be forced to fight Edison Miranda.

Damn I was thinking the same thing. But damn Miranda still got knocked out tho. Man I was hoping he'd win.
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