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Full Version: Norris...talking trash.
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After battering Andre Berto, the inexperienced stablemate of Travis Simms, Norris had a few words to say.

Norris beat Berto by UD 120-91 on ALL scorecards (LOL WTF)

-He said Berto held like a "bitch".
-He said he would punish Simms in front of Berto Next Sunday.
-He called respected old champion Ronald Hearns..a "pussy".
-He said Palomino will get his ass handed to him after the Norris-Simms fight.
Palomino smugly responded to Norris' jibes saying, "His ego thinks he better than he is and it kinda makes me smile. He says he's exciting and that my fights with Simms were dull but he can only dream of havin' my skills in that ring. I'm mr fuckin' patient....I'll wait for as long as it takes before I fight for the belts again and when I do get another shot I'm gonna win."
Norris might be the biggest villain right now..even more classless than Holmes and Pipes.
It's going to be a war. Norris is going to batter Simms.
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