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Full Version: Team Judah in a total slump
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We haven't won a single title or a big fight in forever...

Blayde is obvisouly dominating...holding champions in every weight class. His fucking BUM gym fighters are knocking out my gym legeends. Maxy and BJH are next.

C.E.O, Hata, Cyrus...we should team up.

My last real big win was...Judah TKO 11 Ngdoudjo...and before that.....I dunno..probably one of Malignaggis wins over Jimmy Jack Judah.

Maybe I should just retire my entire gym except for Zab Judah as he is the only one capable of winning big fights. laugh.gif

I don't think Team Judah has much left to offer.

Norris has announced his retirement...Jones is having one last shot at Green.....Montiel is flat out done....Forget Hopkins......

The only fighter doing me any good is JoJo..and maybe Raiden too. Nonito too I guess. We're hoping we get some success with Ward and Campbell.
Yeah I dont like that, man ... But there arent enough prospect on their way up.

Eric Fields and Chad Dawson are on the market ... Vitali Tajbert is the Super Featherweight Champ, but Id like to get rid of him. If someone wants Jay-Jay Judah, you can have him, too. Id also give away at 135 Burgos and Isaev, at 126 Escalona, Tishenko, Munoz and Rojas, at 122 Bouziane, at 115 Salado and at 112 Arzykulov, Silva and Mercedes. But it seems like there arent too many of us right now interested in transfers or creating new prospects!? sad.gif
It's all about Fight plans and mine are shit. laugh.gif

I had a really bad day as well winning only one title fight with Kindred Cole and having some of my so called prospects get their asses handed to them.

I don't want to take on any more fighters from other gyms so Big G and the others should pick up Blaydes prospects/contenders.

Nah, I wanna work with my own. I'm expecting big things from Ward, Fox, and Campbell.

My fight plans suck...none are working. My fighters look great against bums...but they fall apart when they fight championship level fighters...except for Judah...but we all know Judah is Judah..and no one is badder..PERIOD. I don't care what y'all say..Judah is the GOAT in my eyes. laugh.gif

If I'm gonna rate my gyms top 5....

1. JoJo
2. Nontio Donaire
3. Raiden
4. Snake
5. Joppy (Yeah...Joppy is in my top 5...)
If no-one steps up and comes in for them Blayde should just send them to random gyms. He also needs to stop knocking out good fighters with his bum gyms!


Yeah, Universum might be getting to good right now ... Of course all of Univerums and No Way Outs fighters are available if someone wants them. Originally I only wanted to use the standard fight plans there but it felt so hard to give fighters like the Reyes brothers these plans biggrin.gif
Blayde..keep the bum gyms the way they are. don't change anything..that guy that finished Montiel's career..Sasha whatever...I'll get him.
Sasha Bakhtin is with Team Judah now.

When I created him, I thought he could be the next big thing. He started losing and I transferred him to UBP, but it seems hes become pretty good now biggrin.gif
Nah..keep him at UPB with that same winning fight plan. He ended the career of a HERO...Nonito Donaire will have to fight him...or maybe even Z GORRES.
Ah ok, he'll get his plan again.
I'll keep him for a few fights. I'll create a plan exactly like the one he had at UPB. I put him against Roger laugh.gif
Alright then, lets see what he can do.
Biggest problem I seem to have is defending my titles. I can always win them back, but it is difficult for me to make multipe defenses.
The only fighter I ever had to do that was Z Gorres.

I honestly the league needs more players and's honestly dying down a bit.
The league is going through a bit of a lull at the minute but I'm not going to give up on it yet. Maybe we can all attempt to entice some more players. There has to be other people who are interested in webl.
Yeah of course I'm not gonna give up..I've worked to hard to give up.

But Cyrus & Hata ain't making new fighters...C.E.O is current...Ghost is gonna be a way for a while more....

It's basically me, you, Blayde, BigJuicyHog, and Cyrus although Cyrus doesn't have much fighters left.

CEO has said he'll be back soon, Cyrus has vanished but perhaps he's just having net problems or something, Hata still has good fighters but should create a few more and Ghost will return when its possible. (hopefully). If we could get just two more people to join in it would be a whole lot better.
Fitz and Warlod used to have gyms...let's try to get them back and give them a few fighters to start with.
Yeah we could definitely need some new players. I wanna keep playing this game with you guys.
QUOTE(Blayde @ Jul 1 2008, 11:39 AM) [snapback]394378[/snapback]
Yeah we could definitely need some new players. I wanna keep playing this game with you guys.

You've probably got the most quality fighters....double what any of us have got, even in your bum gyms. cray.gif

The only problem is people don't have a clue how to make a fight plan beat anyone decent so they give up when they keep losing. I mean, who enjoys something when they never win? There are plans actually on webl (not the ready-made ones that come with a new gym) scattered around the site and they can be quite effective. The Pikey had a great run using one of those plans. If people use those plans when they start, it doesn't take long to adapt them slightly to become more effective and therefore more competitive. If we do manage to get some new faces playing the game then it would be a good idea to point them in the direction of those plans as well as giving them some ready-made good fighters. It can only help afterall.
We'll be back soon...not this Sunday...but probably next Sunday....but listen....I'm not gonna come back if y'all aren't feelin' it....and y'all haven't REALLY felt it in a while (I wasn't either).....

All I know is...if y'all start gettin' hyped, it will be contagious...

With this few players...EVERYONE has to be up for it to be truly enjoyable....
I'm feeling it and I'll be feeling it even more when Jones does the unthinkable and beats Green this Sunday.

Jones beating Green would DEFINITELY pump some adrenaline into the league....think deep and make it happen, G!

"Weed is Knowledge 'cause it makes me THINK!.......Rastas read tha Bible when they puffin' SENSAMILLA."

- Keith Murray...comin' from the North, South, East, and left.

Trust me, I'm working very hard. Green has a REAL fight in his hands this Sunday. I'm hyped for this fight. I'm gonna chage Jones song to "Mr. Unknockoutable". Blayde is gonna be real surprised to see his boy with a loss when he opens Greens page on Sunday.

You're not the only one in a slump, but then again I've been incredibly lazy.

Guzman is looking for revenge and his title back.

Cotto is still looking for revenge laugh.gif

(Cotto and Giant Man have fought every week since the league started and never retired or took a break.... and they're still here laugh.gif )
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