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Full Version: Epic Encounter I : The Story of Here We Go - Z Gorres I
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January 6, 2008 was the night of Super Fight Weekend II.

The Major headlining fight on top of the bill was a battle for the Undisputed Bantamweight Championship Of The World and the coveted #1 Pound For Pound Ranking.

Z Gorres, the young fighter who sat on top of the world with the Undisputed Titles at 118 pounds, made a name for himself by becoming the 2nd ever 4 Division World Champion while going through 16 World Champions on his way into battling Here We Go in a massive super fight to determine the pound for pound best fighter in the world.

Here We Go, the old lion and living legend, held the Undisputed Titles at 118 pounds on two occasions and for a long period of time held the record for most successful title defenses of any world title with 18 straight. After avenging his defeat to the fighter who took his titles, Here We Go found himself up against the biggest challenge of his career to date, the young lion who aimed for greatness by dismantling his own idol, Z Gorres.

Walking into the ring that night, Here We Go was determined to regain the Undisputed Titles over his young foe. Z Gorres on the other hand was determined to take his place as the best fighter in the world by eliminating the very fighter he looked up to. As they stood in the middle of ring hearing the instructions from the referee, Gorres and Here We Go stared through each other knowing this was a career defining moment. For Here We Go, it was the fire of determination to reclaim what was once his and showing the world he was indeed the best fighter in the world. For Gorres, it was the fire of glory and indifference, to become the best fighter in the world was what he craved but at the cost of eliminating his idol left a bittersweet taste but a taste he would have to ignore for Glory outweighed all.

The bell rings and both fighters met each other in the middle of the ring and the battle began. Gorres immediately went to his outside boxing skills while Here We Go went to the bread and butter of his career, the power punching body snatching style that earned him so much praise. As the first four rounds went by, Here We Go realized his power punches were ineffective against the young champion and found himself getting outclassed early. Gorres on other hand knew that the fight was his and he simply thought he was the younger and more importantly, the better fight between the two, he just did not think it would be this easy. After a close 5th round, Here We Go's cornerman advised him that this style of fight was going to end up in a shutout loss so he informed Here We Go to go to plan B. What happened next was hotly contested boxing contest that saw Here We Go abandon his power punching style and turn himself into a finesse ring general with a piston jab however Gorres would not lay down. As the fight concluded, the people were abuzzed by what transpired, it was not the Old Lion chasing down the best boxer in the world but 2 of the very best boxers in the world doing just that, boxing. Both fighters knew the fight was close, Ringsiders felt Gorres pulled the fight out, barely, by a point. Gorres felt he had won the fight while Here We Go felt it could have gone either way especially in the way that Gorres took the 10th round off, the round that would ultimately cost Gorres the fight. The Ring announcer was ready to announce the winner, "Judge Roy Bean scores the bout, 115-113 for Here We Go. Judge Lao Mang Chen scores the bout 115-114 for Z Gorres. And Judge Judy scores the bout, 114 to 114, this bout is declared a draw!" The crowd erupted into a mix reaction of boos and cheers. Gorres walked along the ring with disappointment, feeling that he had won the fight but remembered the crucial 10th round that cost him greatness. Here We Go while slightly disappointed was enthusiastic after the fight because he proved he was not just a power punching body snatching machine, that he was indeed a master boxer. Then, as the old lion and the young lion met in the middle of the ring to exchange pleasantries and give each other support, both knew this would not be the end of their story for there had to be another chapter to be written.


sidenote : I thought I would do something to get everybody to think back to the big event fights of the past and get everyone's out of character thoughts on whatever fight that is highlighted in this series. I'll post up later what I really thought in going into this fight with the fight plan I had and if I really thought I could beat Big G's monster boxer in Z Gorres laugh.gif
I like it, nice idea, good piece.

Here We Go and Z Gorres are both legends of our times but if either of them were my fighters I'd have ruined their legacy by making them come back.

I ain't got no willpower.
When I look back, Z was truly THE special fighter of my gym along with Zab.

I always thought Montiel was the best but Z just kept winning and winning and he is the only one in my gym that ever had a long title reign. He beat everyone.

I didn't expect Gorres to be as great as he is.
Going in the fight, I thought I would knock Gorres the hell out but if I couldn't, chances are I was going to lose the fight by a big margin. To my surprise there was a draw, i was like..... wtf? I'll take that shit, fuck it laugh.gif

HWG's boxing skills are highly underrated, hes adapted to every fighter hes ever faced and beat them.
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