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Full Version: Somebody School Me?
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U.S. Champ
I don't know much of anything about Jeff Lacy's next opponent Epifanio Mendoza can anybody school me on his style, opponents, or his chances of beating Lacy
Wild slugger with a lot of power and some chin issues.

Problem is, his power was big at middle.
His last fight was a 4 round beating by Chad Dawson! He didn't look good at all in that fight...

He does have a first round KO win over Rubin Williams, so he might have a puncher's chance but I expect Lacy to score the Late Round stoppage!
Epi Mendoza has been banking on a reputation and two win for almost 7 years. People forget that before the Williams fight, he got outboxed by Shawn Garnett. I dont remember, but I think it was shown on a local FSN type channel in Florida, that I had up here in MN for awhile. Then, Team Cannon which was Rydell Booker, Rubin Willliams, and one other fighter had a show. Mendoza faced Rubin Williams, came out hard, and got the stoppage victory. He also beat Tokunbo Olajide, who was a highly touted, prospect at the time. I don't remember that fight, but he stopped him in one round. He's a tough guy, who has a lot of power. His next bigger type fight was against Troy Rowland on ShoBox, and he got beat on in that fight. Mendoza did put Rowland down though in a round, so he does have power. Everytime he steps up the opposition, he usually gets beat. Williams and Olajide weren't on the level that people thought they were on at the time they faced Mendoza. Lacy should have an easy nights work unless he gets caught early.
Big Slim Sweet
Olajide if I recall reinjured his ankle in that fight, which is why it was stopped. Mendoza may have floored him but it was a pre-exisiting injury that caused the stoppage.

Tokumbo had skills but no desire. Isn't he a jazz trombonist now or something?
Yes, Olajide is a musician. That fight is coming back to me now, he did injure his ankle and thats why it was stopped. I've always liked Mendoza, as he makes for exciting fights at least. Him and Lacy could be explosive for as long as it lasts, but I think Lacy takes it pretty convincingly.
Big Slim Sweet
Agreed. If Lacy has anything left, he should win this fight spectacularly.
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