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Full Version: The Torres vs Holt fight in slomo
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It was`nt the headbutt that caused the damage,it was a right hook.Holt head just grazed with his Torres chin.Look very closely.
Mean Mister Mustard
The headbutt is what caused the initial wobbling that made it possible to land that huge right at the end. Look at 0:49 of the vid.
Looks to me like Torres was hurt by a headbutt, and then KO'd by the right while on the ropes.
Yeah it looks pretty clear to me that the head butt stunned Torres and Holt was able to land the decisive punch just moments later.
yea it was def a headbutt ...good fight btw
Great 60 seconds!

I wasn't shocked that Holt KO'd him, though I didn't think it would have happen so soon!

There will be a 3rd match!
Mean Mister Mustard
I read that Holt said he'd only do it if he gets paid well. I think having his ass knocked down in his 2 fights with Torres is enough motivation to not fight him again. He and Bradley should fight and the winner gets Hatton.
The headbutt played a huge role in the KO IMO.
JD can anyone try to say the headbutt that landed on the point of the chin and sent Torres to the ropes didn't cause the damage?
If Bradley fights Holt, I am taking Bradley by murder.
gods son
Torres out on his knees, neck bent down was disturbing, reminded of the final scene in the blair witch project.
a 3rd match is needed..
unintentional headbutt
Fucking Bob Arum took it down before I could see it!!
technically the commission should review this and call it a no contest.

the unintentional butt clearly won the fight for holt. no butt=holt getting ko'd.
that round headed kid
The headbutt set up the finishing blow without a doubt. Anything else is wishful thinking on the part of a Holt fan. So: both guys have a BS victory one over the other in 2 wild fights! Fine. They're even-steven! LET'S HAVE THE RUBBER MATCH!!!
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