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Full Version: Cuban Link stuns Alexeev!!
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Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink captured the world heavyweight title with a sensational first round knockout over defending champion, and heavy favourite, Aleksander Alexeev.

Pink therefore becomes the 6th heavyweight from Krumbsnatcher to lift the title and the manner in which he achieved it stunned fight fans the world over. Prior to the fight Pink had suggested he would knock Alexeev out but nobody could have envisaged it would be so easy. In fact, most observers felt that the fight would go the distance and had tipped Alexeev to retain his title.

Opting to plant his feet, Cuban Link met the oncoming Alexeev with hard shots, taking heavy blows himself in the process. The finish was as sudden as it was unexpected. A monster left hand caught Alexeev flush and the defending champion hit the canvas with such force it was obvious he wasn't going to get up, the ten count being nothing more than a formality. In fact Alexeev didn't even stir. He was out cold.

Cuban Link said, "I knew he would come at me, I knew he wasn't gonna throw pitty pat shots or try to box me. He wanted the KO but I lined him up for the perfect left hand -BOOM - there it is, GOODNIGHT SUNSHINE!! I've got a decision to make on my first defence, I'm looking at Evander, Larry, Kinto, Corrie Benson...there are a lotta great fighters out there but I'm gonna fight, and beat, all of them. I did this for Krumbsnatcher!"

Former champion Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn was ecstatic for his gym mate. "Sennen lost the first fight (by close decison) because he respected Alexeev's power too much. We did a lotta sparring in the build up to this rematch and I told Sennen that he could definitely knock Alexeev out. In fact, I even told Alexeev himself that Sennen actually hits harder than I do...and you gotta remember that I knocked Alexeev out myself a while back. I'm poud of the kid, he's a great fighter and I think he could reign for some time. Like he admitted himself though...there are a lot of top heavyweights around at the minute..."
Holmes must fight either him or Kinto next...and vivi is running so slow right now..
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 6 2008, 11:43 AM) [snapback]395041[/snapback]
Holmes must fight either him or Kinto next...and vivi is running so slow right now..

Yeah its running so slow I can't make any fights at the moment.

I think Holmes is the best possible challenger for Sennen's first defence. If Holmes wants the fight he's got the fight.
Alexeev: "I have to give Sennen credit for his performance. I underestimated his power and I never thought something like that could happen. But he is he new champion now and I will have to wait until I get another chance. Still I believe I can beat him again if I dont rush in for the KO like I did before getting knocked out. I understand he will fight somebody else now, but I hope my promoter will get another title shot or big fight for me as soon as possible."

And yeah, vivi is really fucked up right now ... Its unbelievably slow for a while now and todays fights havent been simulated yet. I hope they will be able to fix this quicker than the last time there was a problem.
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