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Full Version: Heavyweight Explosion!!
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Harold "Harry" Angus is delighted to announce that on Sunday July 13th he will be staging perhaps the biggest fight card in webl heavyweight history.

Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink vs Solid Snake (world heavyweight title fight)

Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry" vs "The Eastern Assassin" Larry Holmes

"Champagne" Corrie Benson vs Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield

Aleksander Alexeev vs Lanky Maxy Gawn Jnr

Trevor Berbick vs Sawney Bean

Aaron "Death" Coile vs Rey Sefo

Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez vs Gerson Fernandez

Pink makes his first defence against the heavy handed and somewhat unpredictable Solid Snake but the two biggest fights on the night are arguably Aleksander Alexeev's clash with unbeaten Lanky Maxy Gawn Jnr and former unbeaten heavyweight king, Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry's titantic battle vs Larry Holmes.

Also featured on the bill is the clash between Trevor Berbick and former champion Sawney Bean whilst heavyweight prospects Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez faces Gerson Fernandez in what promises to be an explosive encounter.

Angus, speaking after confirming the fights said, "I'm obviously delighted to be putting on this show. The world best heavyweights exploding on the same bill. No hiding place. This will be like an atom bomb going off when these guys clash on July 13th. There will be knockouts, it will be a sensational night for the sport. I can't remember a night like it when all the worlds best heavyweights clashed with each other on the same night.
Pink vs Snake promises to be explosive but Kinto vs Holmes and Alexeev vs Gawn are going to create the kinda buzz the heavyweight division hasn't seen for a long time. I'm excited, I can't wait for the event. And that's not the coming week I will be making the biggest and best fights possible in all the divisions because I believe in giving the paying fans exactly what they want. And I deliver!"
Larry Holmes has always been an unpopular, highly skilled Heavyweight who fell short in most of his opportunities at greatness. He won his first 11 fights, inlcuding a big KO win over Giant Man and a shutout UD win over Dark Heaven for the Vacant title. He lost his title in his first Title defense to Cyrus "Touch Of Sleep" Virus by UD, getting floored twice in the process.

Following the loss, Holmes would go on to win his next 6 fights, beating a prime Max Kellerman, Riddick Bowe, James Reaper, and Evander Holyfield.

Holmes got a shot at the dominant Champion at the time, Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn. The two did not like each other. They traded insults before the fight. The fight was a classic chess match, which ended in a draw. However, some people felt Holmes deserved the title. The two would rematch, Holmes was winning on the scorecards after 10, but was dropped in rounds 11 and 12, and lost a very close MD. The two would continue the trash talk after the fight..Holmes said he would beat Dipsy in fight 3 and "bust him up" in the process. Holmes fought on the inside for most of the fight and lost a close but clear UD...the only clear outcome of the trilogy. Dipsy has gone on record to say that Holmes was the toughest opponent he fought during his reign as champion.

Holmes had beef with the entire Gawn family. The taunts to the family forced the Legendary champion, Lanky Gawn out of retirement to face Holmes. Larry said before the fight that Lanky had made a big mistake and said he was past his prime. Larry beat Gawn by clear UD, almost knocking him out in the final round.

Larry beat Grant and Holyfield in his next 2 fights, but drew with Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn in a terrible perfomance. Larry said he did not train a "single day" for the fight.

Larry would get sent to the hospital following that fight due to attacks from Kimbo Slice outside the Team Judah gym.

After a long layoff, Larry returned to the ring and challenged Alexander Alexeev, a longtime veteran who was a 2 divison champion. Larry Holmes easily won the first 8 rounds, even taunting the champion but in round 9 Larry was hurt badly as his jaw was broken by Alexeev. Alexeev's body punching wore him out and Larry was stopped for the first time in round 11.

Since losing to Alexeev, Larry has won 3 straight tuneups and is now facing the new Heavyweight Sensation, Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry. Mulberry is a monster, and has knocked out 19 of 21 opponents, including a KO win over Alexander Alexeev to win the title.

Yeah, actually the heavyweight division is pretty stacked IMO.

My picks are Cuban Link Pink to decision Snake, Larry Holmes to school Mulberry, Holyfield to KO Benson, Alexeev to KO Gawn, Berbick to KO Bean, Coile to KO Sefo and Alcarez to KO Gerson Fernandez.

Alcarez: "This is my first time to shine big time. Im coming from the Cuban boxing school and I know no one can match my skills. I will dominate Fernandez and I will rule the heavyweight division soon. I think Alexeev is the best at the top right now, but I know Im even better than a guy like him with his Russian and european style. Im not a famous amateur because I left Cuba so quickly, but now Im on my way to becoming the best fighter in the world."
Press Conference:

Solid Snake: Finally, my first title shot. As good as Cuban Link is, I will beat him and become Heavyweight Champion of the world. I've worked hard, beat alot of good fighters, like Rey Stefo for instance. I WILL be champion.

Larry Holmes: Listen, Kinto Mulberry will be beaten up and KNOCKED heard me?...I said KNOCKED OUT....Kinto is a strong fighter, but he is crude. I will make him look like a fool. His manager made a mistake signing him up to fight me. I am a SMARTER fighter than he is...and you will see that this Sunday.
Alexeev: "To be honest I do not think Kinto Mulberry is that much of a puncher as people think he is. Hes a tall and strong fighter who can punch, but dont be surprised if he cant hurt Holmes and also cant outbox Holmes. I also want to say what I truely think and I think Mulberry is not a special puncher. I also got knocked out by Sennen Pink and everybody knows hes not a big puncher. Kinto has a great KO ratio, but thats because of the opposition hes faced. Against me I was just too open and at Heavyweight anybody can score a KO. He doesnt have the tools to beat Larry Holmes in my opinion."
Both Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry and Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink have responded to comments recently made about them by the likes of Holmes, Snake and Alexeev.

Mulberry said, "Alexeev is fuckin' punch drunk. I hit like a high speed train and when I hit you, you stay HIT! That is why he got knocked the fuck out. I will rape Larry Holmes of his manhood, I will make him cry for his mama like the sissy he is. I am going to kill him!"

Pink, making his first defence against Snake said, "I respect Solid Snake, he's had a tough road to the top but I believe I am too skilled for him , hit too hard for him and will beat him, either inside schedule or wide points decision. I'll be happy with either. As for Alexeev, he's a chump. He gets himself knocked out everytime he fights a top fighter. Fuck him. He says I don't punch hard but I knocked him out with ONE PUNCH in the FIRST ROUND! Does he think he punches hard? Yeah he damn does but I never felt anything when he lined his heavy body punches up on me last weekend. ONE PUNCH flattened him. Dipsy don't hit amazingly hard but he knocked Alexeev out as well and so did Mulberry who according to Alexeev can't punch either. What does a guy have to do to Alexeev for him to accept that he's not a good heavyweight? Get your ass back down to Cruiser you fuckin' Russian robot!"

Alexeev: "Like I said I dont want to pretend anything, I just want to say what I really believe. I could make myself look better if I said all these guys were devastating power punchers but I do not think that is the case. You can get knocked out in boxing, especially at heavyweight one punch can end it all. It does not mean that someone is such a special puncher.
I do not want to disrespect anybody, that is not my style and I also do not see any reason to do that. But when the boxing experts and boxing fans want to know what I think, I answer them as honest as I can be.
Of course the only thing that matters is who gets the W in boxing. But if I had the choice to pick my opponent and I would pick the one I believe I have the biggest chance to beat I would not pick a guy like Holmes, I would pick a guy like Mulberry."

Ahmed Oener: "Kinto Mulberry is a clown. I dont care that he knocked Alexeev out, that would never happen again. I think Holmes will beat him with ease, but still Mulberry is our target if we dont get a title shot. There is some unfinished business."
Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry had to be taken down by several police officers last night after he attempted to break into the offices of promoter Ahmed Oener. Reports are sketchy at present but one eye witness told fighthype, "I saw this huge guy swing a punch at another guy on the doors of Oener's US office, and then another 6 or 7 guys just came out of nowhere and jumped the huge guy. The huge guy, who I now know is Kinto Mulberry was going mad, screaming and shouting about how he was gonna kill everybody. Eventually the Police arrived - just in time and they hit him hard with the tazer gun. It took a loada shots before he dropped down and even when they put him in the back of the police vehicle I could still hear him screaming about killing someone. The guy was fuckin' crazy!"

Mulberry was later released on bail where he told waiting reporters, "I came here to kill. I am unhappy, I am angry, I want to fuck the mothers of all those doubters so that they bleed to death. Then I go after the others, the fighters, their fathers, their fuckin' children. I will make these people pay. I will not stop until they are dead. All of them will be slayed. Nobody can withstand the wrath of the Genius!"

Promoter Harold "Harry" Angus told reporters, "Kinto feels like some people are trying to belittle him and he is crazy about it right now. I know he's a loose cannon but that only adds to the danger involved when he fights. I speak to him but when I see that look in his eye I know its time to make my exit...Kinto has the eyes of a serial killer, cold hard stares....there is nothing behind those eyes but pain and nothing he likes to do more than inflict pain on others. Am I scared of him? Shit, I wouldn't wanna be left in a room with him if he got mad, put it that way."

N.B Mulberry is to be sued by an associate of Ahmed Oener after it emerged he had suffered a collapsed lung following a punch from the unbeaten former world heavyweight champion.
Larry Holmes:

"You all talk about this big, bad monster Kinto Mulberry. Yes, he is a big bad monster. It's fine that all the attention's going to the new kid on the block, the knockout artist, who KO'd Alexeev. Just remember one thing, I am a fucking legend in this division. I am Larry Holmes, mothafucka....the BADDEST Heavyweight in history. Kinto is a hulk of a man, but he has nevr in his life seen anything like me. I'll shock him.
Oener: "Kinto Mulberry shouldnt be allowed to ever fight again. This guy shouldnt be let anywhere near to a highly competitive sport event. He isnt a good fighter anyway, so boxing would only capitalize on it. Its a good thing Holmes will knock him out and Im telling you Mulberry will be history after that fight."
Kinto Mulberry's future in boxing is under a cloud following his recent crazy antics. It has already been reported that Ahmed Oener has called for him to be banned from the sport and now Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn has joined the evr growing list of people who want him kicked out of boxing.

In an amazing interview Deep Freeze revealed, "Hate is a strong word but hand on heart I hate that man. When he came here he was a raw kid who could hit hard but wanted to learn the trade. Now he is completely off the wall, mad, insane, a lunatic, however you wanna say it. I was witness to a sparring session Mulberry had with one of the super middles we have here and what I saw almost made me walk away from the gym, and from the sport itself. Mulberry unloaded his full arsenal on this kid, knocked him out but then he continued his assault until he was eventually wrestled to the ground by Harry Angus and Dipsy Gawn. I said right there and then that Mulberry had no place at Krumbsnatcher but Angus disagreed and said the man would one day be heavyweight champion. He did it, but since then he has spent time in jail and attacked other members of our gym, both inside and outside the ring. He is a disgrace to our gym, a disgrace to boxing and I hope Larry Holmes beats him down."

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn said, "Kinto can't be excused. His wild and violent temper will end up being the death of someone if he isn't stopped and I don't want to see something so tragic happen. Compare the modesty of a man like Alexeev to that of Mulberry and its like day and night. I predicted that Alexeev would beat Mulberry but Kinto surprised me. Larry Holmes is a different fish altogether. He's big time, he's rounded, he's smart and he can give it as well as take it. Larry WILL knock him out. I've sparred with Kinto many times, he can't bully me and he don't like it. He won't bully Holmes either, he'll be taken to school."

Angus has jumped to Mulberry's defence however saying, "The kid is misunderstood. Yeah, he's got a temper, he can go a little crazy but he's the most exciting heavyweight fighter in the world right now and we love him here at Krumbsnatcher. The Mulberry-Holmes fight is the biggest fight of the weekend and its not even for a title. That says a lot about the kid. He brings in the fans, they love a puncher and Kinto is just that. Look forward to the 13th, it'll be a great fight, a great night and boxing will be the winner."
Holmes and Kinto just gave each other the meanest and most intense staredown ever...this is gonna be a classic.

QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 11 2008, 09:12 AM) [snapback]395520[/snapback]
Holmes and Kinto just gave each other the meanest and most intense staredown ever...this is gonna be a classic.


During the staredown the two fighters were kept apart by an army of bodyguards because promoter Harold "Harry" Angus said, "If they had been allowed to stand within arms distance of each other they would have tore each others heads off. I had to protect the fight card. These two don't care about the money, they just want to hurt each other and they would've hurt each other here and now if they hadn't been kept apart."

Mulberry meanwhile is due to be questioned by police following an alleged incident in the hotel foyer where a security guard claims he was punched by the unbeaten heavyweight after asking for an autograph. The 23 year old security guard had to be taken to hospital where it was revealed he had suffered 2 broken ribs.
World heavyweight champion Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink is angry that all the talk is about Mulberry-Holmes and claims he could beat both of them in the same night.

"Mulberry is crude, it don't take a fuckin' expert to see that. Holmes will be wary of his power and because of that Holmes will win. Enough said. I am fighting my first defence against a solid fighter in Solid Snake. My game is A+ and I will give the fans something to talk about when I toy with and destroy this guy inside schedule. Not looking for a points win. I'm gonna bang this guy out. When I'm done with Snake I want Holmes, the so-called next-best-thing. I'll knock him out also! Cuban Link baby, I'm the fuckin' daddy!"
Unbelievab;e the sites down again
Stop breaking the site G!


seriously though...... wtf?
That really sucks about WeBL ... that damn site is down too often sad.gif
Yet another Harold "Harry" Angus" promotion has to be postponed!! The guy has the best intentions and the card is great but he's got to be the most unlucky promoter in the world.

TOS must be laughing right now.

Holmes KO's Mulberry in 2!
In an action packed fight, Larry Holmes would get arguably the best win of his long, hard career by knocking out Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry in round 2. Holmes was down himself in round 2, but got up to hurt Kinto, and knock him out,
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 14 2008, 10:20 PM) [snapback]395824[/snapback]
Holmes KO's Mulberry in 2!
In an action packed fight, Larry Holmes would get arguably the best win of his long, hard career by knocking out Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry in round 2. Holmes was down himself in round 2, but got up to hurt Kinto, and knock him out,

It was a terrible weekend for Krumbsnatcher. I think only Sawney Bean won out of my heavyweights and there were a lot of other disappointing results.

Mulberry wasn't supposed to go all-out. Although it's in his fight plan to use that tactic, I hadn't banked on it kicking in in round 2. Still, Holmes would have won any way.


Harold "Harry" Angus has expressed his frustration at how his career in promotion has been hit by such a run of bad luck. Angus has had to suffer the postponement of two major shows in the short time he has been promoting and he said, "It kinda kills the moment when big fights have to be postponed. I know it's all part of the game and it's out of my hands but I feel I am cursed. Maybe I should just make a proper comeback, regain my cruiserweight title and fight until I get beaten up. It happens to everyone in the end and I've been smart enough to walk away from the high risk fights since achieving all I ever wanted to achieve as a fighter. Now though, I'm serious about winning back my title at cruiserweight. I'm gonna think about it for a while before I make a decision and in the menatime I'll continue to make fights. But I need the help of Zab Judah and TOS to get things lively. Insanity International...if you are dead as a gym, release your fighters...these guys need to eat."

Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry hasn't spoken to anyone since his defeat to Larry Holmes and although he has been lined up with a soft comeback for next weekend it is unsure if he will be in the right state of mind to fight. Trainer Wexley Gawn said, "Kinto is worrying me....he isn't talking, isn't responding to anyone. All he does is hit the bag and run. I can't get through to him. It's a concern."
Larry Holmes interview:

FH: Larry, congratulations on your win. Did Kinto hit as hard as you thought?
LH: Yeah, he did. He knocked me down and hurt me. But everyone already knew..Larry Holmes has alot of heart. I got up and busted him up.

FH: Is this your biggest win?
LH: Yep. You see, even Dipsy Gawn knew what was going to happen. Maybe he didn't expect it to end so quickly, but you could tell Dipsy knew his boy didn't have much of a hope against me. Understand this, Alexander Alexeev got lucky against me. Styles make fights. Alexander beat me, Kinto beat Alxander, and I beat Kinto.

FH: Dipsy did say you were going to win easily. He has much respect for you. Do you respect him?
LH: Let me say this, me and Dipsy...we ain't ever going to like each other. But he is the best fighter I've ever fought. And I'm sure he'd say the same thing about me. He told everyone I would be dominant after he retired, and I was in a slump for a while, but now I'm on top and I won the biggest fight of the month.

FH: Who does Larry Holmes want to fight?
LH: Cyrus "Iron" Virus. I've been calling him out for a long time. I want Alexander Alexeev in the future too...and I'll grant Kinto a rematch if he wants some more.

FH: Thank you for your time Larry.
LH: Alright, thanks. Peace.
FH Larry Holmes looked great in knocking out Kinto Mulberry the other weekend. Did you think he would finish the job so early?

DG I've said from the start that Larry is the next best heavyweight out there behind me. I boxed everyone and I said when I retired that Larry had the tools to dominate the division if his heart was in it. It didn't surprise me that he beat Kinto but Kinto's poor tactics really played into his hands. You can't go all-out and expect to beat a fighter as polished as Larry.

FH Alexeev stopped Holmes though so don't you see him as the next best heavyweight?

DG Alexeev isn't a smart fighter. He beat Larry cos Larry fought the wrong fight. Skill wise, talent wise, there is no comparison between the two. Holmes is much the better heavyweight but if you allow someone to take your legs away you're gonna get yourself hurt and thats what Larry did. I almost got myself in the same situation when I boxed Berbick...I didn't fight to my strengths and it almost cost me the title. Everybody out there knows Berbick ain't in my league but I almost threw that fight away. Bad tactics.

FH Larry says the two of you aren't friends but that you respect each other. Would you agree with that?

DG Listen, you don't share the ring with a guy for 36 rounds and not respect him. I respect many fighters, some I don't have no time for but Larry...although he's got no class outside the ring, is a great fighter and I got nothing but respect for him. We'll never be on each others christmas card list but shit man, the guy can fight.

FH Solid Snake is currently the you think he can enjoy a lengthy reign?

DG Absolutely no chance. The division is stacked right now. Alexeev is the best active heavyweight but he's vulnerable and should really be fighting at Cruiser. Cuban Link lost to Snake cos he figured he was a puncher after beating Alexeev. Next time I predict Cuban Link to outbox Snake easily. Mulberry might figure again at some point but now that he's been knocked out his aura has kinda been blasted outta the water.

FH Finally, you've been having the odd fight here and you think you will ever make a serious comeback?

DG Never say never but I don't think so. I'm the greatest of all time. I did it all. I reigned, I ruled, I dominated. I can't be stopped, can't be topped. Ain't no-one gonna match what I done in the heavyweights. I enjoy taking the odd fight here and there but to make a serious comeback I would have to be offered serious money against a fighter that people didn't think I could beat. When that challenge come I'll think long and hard about coming back but that day don't look likely. Ain't no-one good enough to dominate the divison right now.

FH Thank you Dipsy.

DG No worries son.
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