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Full Version: Klitschko vs. Thompson: Word Heavyweight Title
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Jack 1000
Pinning this up, because I think that this fight deserves to generate some interest. How do you see this match going doing? Is there a chance of a Thompson upset? Has Wlad become more vulnerable? Discuss here.

My Prediction is Klitschko by UD.

Tony Thompson is gonna knock him out in the 8th...

WASHINGTON DC STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot about this fight. I've never seen Thompson but I've heard he's got decent skills.
Im rooting for Thompson by brutal KO.
King Eugene
Dont care who wins, I just hope somebody gets knocked out. Hopefully Thompson doesn't end up like Calvin Brock! Man I was rooting for him. LOL
I can't stand watching Klitschko. Ever since the first Brewster fight, he's been extra cautious and doesn't make for entertaining fights. However, you have to give him credit for being the best heavyweight out there today. His reach is dominant, and he wins fights. Tony Thompson is a really good fighter, but he's not on Klitschko's level. Klitschko will probably win a pretty dominating decision, which will be boring. For one of his fights to be entertaining, he's going to need an opponent that will pressure him and bring the fight to him. I'd love to see him fight Valuev or Peter. Valuev would have size and reach, while Peter would bring the pressure.
I think Thompson at least will try to pressure him. Isnt Tony a fighter who comes forward 3 minutes a round with his hands up and some jabs until hes able to work on the inside when his opponent is trapped against the ropes?

I havent seen that much of him ... I think I saw his fight against Timur Ibragimov, but I dont really remember that and I saw him beat up Krasniqi. But based on that I think hes one of the best heavyweights out there and he might be a threat for Klitschko.
I just watched this guy fight on youtube and he has some skills but lacks some pop. I think Klitschko will win a decision
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 8 2008, 03:00 AM) [snapback]395229[/snapback]
I just watched this guy fight on youtube and he has some skills but lacks some pop. I think Klitschko will win a decision

I think that is the consensus with this fight! But Wlad's chin are feathers and I think Tony has enough pop to hurt Wlad.
tony thompson has a legit shot in this fight. he has taken care of buisness and for the most part with todays limited heavyweight opposition out there earned his shot... rather he is annialated or makes a good effort or for that matter wins he deserves as much as any other heavyweight to be fighting klit. this saturday night. i got a feeling the fight will be better than most think it will be, as long as tony can take his punch... if he can take klits. punch we got a good fight, and i THINK he can. what happens if he can and it gets into later rounds?... interesting then huh?.
I dont think Ive ever been so disinterested in a hvy title fight. I really dont know thompson and dont care who wins
Big Slim Sweet
This one has fight of the year written all over it.
The Original MrFactor
Wlad will be fighting a skilled veteran who has a little power. From what I've seen, thompson is no slouch. He is like a huge Winky Wright. He uses that turtle shell along with the Winky jab. I think in order for Wlad to win, he's going to be more offensive than usual. I see a stinker coming. It can go D12 either way. If it gets to the championship rounds, I expect Thompson to open it up a little. We'll see... Maybe we'll have an American Heavyweight Champ on Sunday... Imagine that...
A heavyweight fight and Im not interested in it? Whats going on?


gods son

David Haye will jump in the ring in Round 5 and knock Klit-chko out with his balls!

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