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Full Version: Frankie Skipton cements his place as a HOFer with win over
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It was a huge upset. He is a HOFer for sure after that.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 8 2008, 05:44 PM) [snapback]395301[/snapback]
It was a huge upset. He is a HOFer for sure after that.

Definite HOF worthy. I'm pleased for Skipton and shocked that he outboxed Cole....
Skipton is showing wear and tear and has told the gym that he wants to retire after 2 more fights - the Mayweather fight and a rematch with Skipton.

Whatever happens from here on out, he is a HOFer.
Yeah, Skipton is a Hall of Famer. I remember him rocking the lower divisions. Good to see hes got something done again.

But whats a rematch with Skitpon supposed to be? biggrin.gif
Oh I meant Cole....Cole-Skipton II must happen.
Yeah Kindred Cole feels really bad that he lost a split decision to Skipton because he knows Skipton so well, having sparred with him on so many occasions.

He has promised he will beat Skipton in the rematch.

His stay at Krumbsnatcher depends on it!
Skipton has said that he wants to retire in his home, the Krumbsnatcher gym and spend the rest of his life raising his kids.
Krumbsnatcher would welcome him back when he's ready to return.

He's good mates with everyone here.
Nice to see Skipton putting in work like that. How many division titles is that for him now anyway?
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