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Full Version: Klitschko 241 - Thompson 247.5
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AP Photo

AP Photo
I wonder why Tony did not take his shirt off..
Anyway, I seen Wlad looked a little more ripped but he still seems to be in top shape!
Looks to me like Tony's got a belly, that's probably why. Wlad looks hella ripped, I wish he wouldn't fight so timid and scared though.
I don't know....I thought 247.5 was going to look awful on Thompson....but I think he put on quite a bit of muscle....I've not seen a lot of the guy....but this is by far the most ripped I've ever seen him....I myself don't see much of a gut at all on him.

I think the guy has really prepared for the fight....

I know some folks look down on adding muscle....but that's what it looks like to me.

He did not have that tat either the last time I saw him fight.

In the era of Toney, Tua, Arreola Kirk Johnson, Danny Willams and an endless list of other HW fatasses I could toss out....these two guys look like they really are taking their bout serious....Wlad always has...but looks like Thompson has as well!
I have a gut feeling that Tony will be fighting like Ray Austin.....Scared. I fully expect Klitschko to take this guy out in the 3rd round. Overall, decent fight for a Saturday night. This breaks up the endless mosquito fights as of late.....
If anyone will be fighting scared it will be Wlad. Tony is a big Southpaw!

Wlad was KO'd last time he fought a big southpaw. And when he fought a small southpaw in Ibragimov he was fighting very defensively
Mean Mister Mustard
Thompson does appear to have a belly but from other pictues I've seen from him he doesn't appear to be a ripped fighter so it doesn't matter, pretty sure he got in great shape for this one.

He is tall so at least we know he can reach Klitschko. Thompson, if he throws his lefts fast, could surprise Klit and even drop him. Let's see If Klitschko can fight lefties.
Big Slim Sweet
Thompson definitely has the tools to make this a fight. We'll see if he's got the right attitude.
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