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Full Version: Judah sends message to a few fighters
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On Miguel Cotto:

"first things first: cotto u old ass motherfuckin BORICUA, u should have retired a long time ago and let my cousin from da south, JIMMY JACK JUDAH take over 36 chamberzz! now look u old ass boricua u losing fight after fight becuz u old as hell! u old and losing like EVANDER OLDYFIELD, u knowmsayin! come to Brooklyn and ill tap dat AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS"

On Joan Guzman:

"u gettin old too fool dont jump in against Jay-Jay Judah cuz u need to build up a winning streak over BUMS!"

On Jay-Jay Judah:

"we all know who the KING of judah's is fool, for those of u who dont kno, jay-jay just my lil cousin, who i used to SLAP around in the gym back when he wus toddlers, shit aint changed!"

On Carlos Quintana:

"fool, u beat cotto, howeva, u still my PUPIL!"

On JoJo:

"da chick is baaaaaaaad!! aint no one at 135 can take her!"

On Maxy Kokaine:

"i respect ur ass, u OLD as hell too! however u got mo' than cotto...i think..."
Bugsy "Long" Gawn and Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn are two old old fighters that shouldn't be fighting but I'm never gonna retire either of them.

QUOTE(Miguel Cotto - 2 Division World Champion via Interpreter)
I have been on the losing end as of late, but my past 2 knockout losses, I was careless. I have remained competitive with everyone I've been in the ring with. I will be World Champion once again, mark my words!
While Zab has been beating up on no names, the old man Miguel Cotto put on one hell of a boxing display at his age by winning a unanimous decision victory over Former 3-Time Lightweight World Champion and 7-fight series veteran with Joan Guzman, Muckles Reilly. That was the 23rd different world champion fought by Miguel Cotto. With that victory, Cotto moves into a Lightweight title match against current Lightweight Champion Of The World, Jay-Jay Judah the man that beat the #1 pound 4 pound fighter in the world Joan Guzman, twice. Jay-Jay just recently successfully defended his title with a 12th round knockout over Former Lightweight World Champion Ray De Los Santos, the same man that has beaten Miguel Cotto 4 times.

JayJay-Cotto marks the 24th different world champion fought by Miguel Cotto ohmy.gif

Styles make fights, can Cotto find the right one to win another world title at his ridiculous age? And how the hell is Cotto still fighting at this level when he is clearly over the hill???

Take that Zab!
Speaking of Judah's, Quintana knocked the fuck out of Jimmy Jack this weekend.
Jimmy Jack was careless. He promised to knock out Quintana in a 3rd fight. He wants to do it for his southern brothers.
What can Zab say now? laugh.gif
Frontpage News: Judah HATES on long time rival, Miguel Cotto!

When asked what he thought about the fight between Miguel Cotto and former 135lb champion Jay-Jay Judah last Sunday, Judah called it a "good performance" from Cotto. Judah:

"I mean, it was a good performance, you know what I mean? Miguel "Shotass" Cotto is a old ass mothafucka, but he still got something left in the tank."

There was a debate that began in the press conference room about who was the greater fighter between the two aging legends. Judah:

"Fuck that man! I'm greater..all day everyday fool! He may have beat me, but I beat dudes that beat him!!!! I didn't just beat the dudes, I knocked them the fuck out, you know what Im sayin?! Man, Cotto can come to brooklyn, and I'll fuckin leave ass out on a stretcher! He don't want none! Cotto lost to De Los Santos yo! I whooped up De Los Santos!"

"Who is greater...Cotto (37-18-2) or Judah (38-16-3)"...the debate is one of the most popular debates in all of boxing. Two legendary veterans, both 2-division champions, both fought numerous champions throughout each other. Cotto however is 3-0 vs. Judah."
Cotto's legacy cannot be touched. He has fought everyone and has fought at high level of competition compared to Zab. He is a rare breed and it will be one hell of a day when Cotto decides to ever hang them up.
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