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Crowds are getting heated that Angus keeps postponing fights.
So all the missed fights have been re-scheduled for the following week. None of this happened before Angus started promoting things. I've got to say he must be jinxed.
-TOS sent out a press release that said that all fighters related to the Krumbsnatcher and those in fights with Krumbsnatcher related fighters should take a look at their contracts. Last time fights were postponed all those allegations of Angus stealing money from fighters came up...
Twiggy Austin Harris retained his title via hard foought decision over legend Fernando Monitel.

Jong "Red Death" Shaoting retained his title via decision and awaits Angus if he is game.

Carlos Quintana became a two time champion by beating legend Miguel Cotto by decision.

Khamesi "DOA" Jahawai retained his welterweight crown via 9th round stoppage.

Luis "El Gallo" Singo, one of the most resilient fighters in league history, won his 7th world title by KO (his first career KO and avenging a KO loss one fight earlier.
-Zab Judah has moved up two divisions and is chasing Jnr. Middleweight champion Cabell.
-Kimbo Slice is set to fight his first truly World Class opponent former CW Champ Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn
- Iron is awaiting to see Larry Holmes offer for a battle for the now vacant World Heavyweight Championship.

- Bane "Day-Light" Coney scored his 3rd straight KO in as many fights at Heavyweight. He is out to show the big men of the division that the little people can get it done, Bane weighed in for his heavyweight fight at 168 pounds. laugh.gif

- Herman Ngoudjo is putting pressure on the commission to enforce his newly won #1 contendership to the World Jr. Welterweight Champion Carlos Quintana.

- Jimmy Jack Judah is looking to face the winner of Quintana-Ngoudjo to crown the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion by unifying the World Title with his Lineal Title.

- Miguel Cotto looked to be in decent spirits after losing the World Jr. Welterweight Title to Carlos Quintana earlier in the night by a close UD loss. Cotto was looking clean and fresh while Quintana looked like he was hit by a truck with both eyes swollen shut and cuts all over. Cotto is looking to drop down to 135 lbs. to look for a rematch with Amadeus for the Lightweight title or facing Jay-Jay Judah if he happens to win the title against Amadeus.

- Joan Guzman is said to have purchased ringside tickets to the Amadues-Jay Jay Judah World Lightweight Title Fight. The Greatest Lightweight of All Time is scouting for a comeback opponent.

- Super is looking for a piece of Jean Pascal's ass and is demanding a rematch for the World Super Middleweight Title. In his last fight, Super lost via Majority Decision is a razor close fight with Pascal for the Super Middleweight Title over a month ago.

- Wexley "Power" Gawn is still in a coma.

- Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn is ecstatic that Team Judah made a fight between himself and Kimbo Slice. Ice Cream feels he will win easily.

- Maxy "Liquid Shadow" Gawn is to meet his uncle Lanky "Maxy" Gawn at heavyweight as he seeks as an assault on the heavyweight title.

- Harold "Harry" Angus has told reporters that he believes TOS is the man behind the murder of Zab Judah's wife.
- Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry got back on a winning run by knocking out Evander Holyfield in the first round.

- Demetrius "Unda Fiya" Pietrus retained his super featherweight title with a draw against Darnell "Good News" Jiles. Under Fiya must be the luckiest champion in the leagues history because he has fought Jiles 3 times now and according to ringsiders, he's lost all 3...yet he still has the belts.

- Lucien Bute won the super middleweight title with a 7th round knockout over Jean Pascal. Bute produced a career best performance, withstanding heavy shots from Pascal before wearing him down and finishing him off.

- Following his loss to Peligro, Lanky Maxy Gawn Jnr has moved down to cruiserweight where he is hoping to earn a shot at new champion Allan Green.

- Wexley "Power" Gawn is still in a coma.

My gym has been pretty solid in it's return. Got some good young fighters I think can be champions. Brought my 2 Hall of Famers back with mix results. Jesse Jane has really struggled in her returned. She has one more fight to turn it around or it's back to porn for her. Tera Patrick on the other has looked like a monster in her return. Fighting in a more natural weight, she's destroyed her last 3 opponents. All 3 were good solid fighters. All 3 fell within 2 rounds. She's looking for a title shot
-Zab Judah won his tune up vs. former P4P King, Roland Navarette by 10th round KO. Judah became the first and only man to KO Roland Navarette. Judah, an aging fighter who has lost 2 AP's, will fight anyone but wants a few tune ups.

-Larry Holmes has his eyes on Harold Angus and Cyrus "Iron" Virus.

-Raiden looked outstanding in a shutout win over Bugsy "Long" Gawn and wants the winner of Pascal-Bute VII.

-Kimbo Slice is STILL looked on a circus side show but remains a draw. Several fighters want a piece of Slice.
- Harold "Harry" Angus is said to be miffed by Deep Freeze's announcement that he is to challenge The Prince for the world heavyweight title. Angus, whose ego is probably the biggest in boxing right now was heard to tell friends, "What's he tryin' ta do? This is an attempt to steal my limelight. I already said I would face The Prince and figured he'd be interested in fighting me. What the fuck has Deep Freeze done to deserve this shot?" Angus has been called out by cruiserweight champion Allan Green but insiders say he has no real interest in a Green fight.

- Demetrius "Unda Fya" Piya will defend his title against Tera Patrick if Patrick wins her bout this Tuesday.

- Bugsy "Long" Gawn has no intention of retiring despite losing every single round of his bout last night with Raiden. Bugsy said he won't give up his dream of winning the world title again.
"Twiggy" Austin Harris regained his Featherweight title with a close decision over BIGCAPITALLETTERSNAME. He went down several times buy managed to hold him off to become a 3 time FW champion.

Luis "El Gallo" Singo made the second defense of his title via a draw with Yutaka Niida.

Red Death lost via close but clear decision to Allen Greene. Red Death would like to move on, and will perhaps move up to HW.

RJ "The Freak" Mendoza is looking for a title shot at Cruiserweight very soon. The former champ has looked impressive.

Khamesi "DOA" Jahawai once again successfully defended his title vis KO over the game Jackson "Osei" Bonsu.

Aaron "Death" Coile picked up his biggest win to date via a decision over Kinto Mulberry. He is also looking for a title fight soon.
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Oct 13 2008, 12:23 PM) [snapback]406990[/snapback]
Aaron "Death" Coile picked up his biggest win to date via a decision over Kinto Mulberry. He is also looking for a title fight soon.

Mulberry was robbed and will be looking for a rematch sometime in the near future.
To be honest I didnt look at the breakdown of the fight. Just saw that he won.

Can anyone else believe the Ramirez story?
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Oct 13 2008, 01:21 PM) [snapback]406994[/snapback]
To be honest I didnt look at the breakdown of the fight. Just saw that he won.

Can anyone else believe the Ramirez story?

Both Ramirez and Amadeus proved, as has DOA, that even bums can eventually come good. Ramirez has got to be the best of the lot though as far as stories go.
Ramirez has become a pretty scary think we used to use him for tuneups...Now I don't think any of us want to fight him..high-risk, low-reward type fighter...Plus he's the type that dishes out alot of IP's.....hmmm...Judah-Ramirez in the future? ohmy.gif

Out of all the title fights, I'm interested in seeing Ramirez-Pinto....there isn't a more brutal fight that could have been made!
Ramirez story is great indeed, but I hope Pinto will finally become champion. Was definitely one of my favorite fighters when I still had him. But Amir Khan is on his way up at 135 aggressive.gif
Yeah, Pinto-Ramirez is gonna be an IP fest I think.
Two of my fighters have title fights this weekend. Tera Patrick and Crissy Moran.
Legal issue for Arena SHO

According to the Romanian press the young promoter Ahmed Oener's world is not as great as his big grin he likes to carry with him. Sources, apparently close to unbeaten Light Heavyweight and Arena SHO fighter Adrian "The Shark" Diaconu whose record stands at 17-0 with 12 KOs, informed the media that Diaconu did not receive all the payments guaranteed in his contracts.

"This promoter just gets unspectacular low budget fights on and thats it. There are a lot of bonuses not being paid and a lot of other things we are not getting although we signed a contract for it. As soon as this contract expires, our coorporation with Arena SHO will be over.", were words of the source who did not want to be mentioned.

We have not been able to get a reaction of Arena SHO and/or promoter Oener yet.
laugh.gif Ahmed is a scumbag....I'll say it again, the only REAL promoter out there is Judah...never fucked one of his fighters ever!
Not to mention BigJuicyHog, who has always been fair to his fighters.

Harold "Harry" Angus has been blamed for the recent decline of the once famed Krumbsnatcher gym. Allegations of corruption, fighters choosing to leave the gym and Angus' apparent reluctance to recruit new talent, has seen Krumbsnatcher gradually recede as a major force in the boxing world. Super featherweight Demetris "Unda Fya" Piya is currently the only holder of a world title but his lack of charisma has seen him go almost unnoticed by all but the most hardened of fight fans. Angus spends less and less time at the gym, less and less time promoting fights and virtually no time at all helping to develop new talent for the future. He is believed to be very keen on signing unbeaten Adrian "The Shark" Diaconu and former champion Nigel McGuinness but as yet he has no plans on a massive recruitment drive for new prospects. We were unable to reach him when fighthype attemped to set up and interview late last week and he has failed to respond to any of our calls.

A spokesman told fighthype, "Harry is feeling the pinch from the worlds financial crisis and he is reluctant to invest his own money in young fighters until the situation has eased. It appears he wants ready made talent but looking around there aren't any viable options available to him. It is true his aides offered The Prince a 12 fight deal at Krumbsnatcher but from what I hear there is no chance of that happening. It's quite sad really and the situation badly needs addressing to save Krumbsnatcher from obscurity."
Allan Green:

"Harold Angus is making a joke himself again and again and again, man. That guys always been a great fighter, but look at him as a promoter. Hes fucking up things all the time. The guy should just stop doing what he doesnt know shit about. How about challenging the Cruiserweight champion of the world instead? Its really bad to see legends end like this."
A smiling Harry Angus today told reporters outside the Krumbsnatcher gym, "I've been on a global hunt for new talent and am currently in the process of bringing these kids in. Within a week I hope to have 70 active fighters here. There are a lot of fighters I wanted but was beaten to the punch by Def Jam and Arena SHO. I'll be dedicating myself to helping develop these kids into world class operators and future champions. As for Allan Green and his snide little jibes at me....well all I can say is keep on winning son. You were a great light heavyweight but you haven't looked anything special at cruiserweight. You've got a tough defence coming up this weekend and if you get by that you've got Red Death and The Freak to deal with before you can seriously think about calling me out. I've already said that you are potentially a fight I'm interested in taking but as of now I don't believe, as a cruiserweight, that you have earned the right to have your name on the same fighter poster as mine."
- Demetris "Unda Fiya" Pietrus will face Darnell "Good News" for the 4th time next weekend. Super featherweight champion Piya has made 10 successful defences of his titles but plans to move to lightweight after his next bout. He is believed to be interested in fighting Jose Luis Ramirez but knows he must beat Jiles if he's to get an automatic shot.

- Heavyweight prospect Teddy Bunter 18-0-0 (15 KO's) is hoping to meet Kimbo Slice next weekend. The pair have recently exchanged bad words between each other and the fight is said to be a big possibility.

- Slugger Terry Bates will challenge light middleweight king Richard "El Toro" Guiterez next Sunday in a battle of the bangers. Bates, however, has already been written off by his gym mate Bugsy "Long" Gawn who said, "Terry will never be world class. He'll be destroyed by a machine like "El Toro"."

- Harold "Harry" Angus has signed to box Mike Tyson next weekend.

- Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn says that Larry Holmes' victory over The Prince is "good for boxing." Lipstick said, "Holmes has charisma and we needed that at the moment. I don't think "Iron" deserves a shot at him though. It would be easy pickings for Larry."
-Zab Judah has shown tremendous interest in a Pietrus-Ramirez fight, calling it "one of the biggest fights that could be made at the moment". He also said the matchup reminded him of Ali-Frazier, Pietrus being Ali, the fast fighter with good skills and Ramirez being Frazier, the relentless, brutal, inside fighter. Judah hopes he can help with the promotion.

-Larry Holmes is awaiting "Iron". Larry was set to retire but took Dipsy's advice to have a reign before retiring. First things first though, Larry wants Iron.

-Kimbo was seen trying to attack Heavyweight Teddy Butler after Butler's win last Sunday. Kimbo's team had to hold him back. Kimbo said he wants to put him in the hospital. Kimbo-Butler should be a big money fight. Kimbo has said "anytime, anywhere!"
- Iron has signed on to fight Larry Holmes for the World Heavyweight Championship. Vegas opened up at 4-1 for Holmes but expect for the odds to close up because Iron can always find some suckers to believe laugh.gif

- Miguel Cotto is looking to battle Juan "Apuro" Herrera the new Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion, if Cotto cannot secure the fight he's looking for decent scrap against Juan Miguel Cotto.

- Jimmy Jack Judah was said to be distraught over his loss of his Lineal Jr. Welterweight Title to Apuro and plans to take out his frustration on his inability to win the big one on Gina Lynn. Jimmy Jack says he plans to move up to Welterweight following the bout.

- 36 Chambers undefeated Welterweight prospect, Puerto Rican star, Trinidad (17-0-0 15KOs) is looking to move up and challenge the Jr. Middleweight Champion following his next bout.

- Fight experts are wondering why TOS fighter, Bane "Day-Light" Coney who started his career campaigning in the Heavyweight Division at 168 pounds and hasnt left, is still undefeated laugh.gif laugh.gif

- Herman Ngoudjo is looking for a rematch with Herrera now that the undisputed jr. welterweight title situation is finally put to rest.

- Joan Guzman has said to be interested in fighting Jose Luis Ramirez for the World Lightweight Title, Guzman has also said he would not rule out a fight for the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Championship.

- Nigel McGuinness is still on the shelf wondering if TOS is going to make a move to let him sign with Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn. Nigel the pride of the United Kingdom has said to be irate with his current situation and wants to regain the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Titles.

- Touch oF SleeP has been rumored into thinking about acquiring the 36 Chambers Of Death from CyruS with a substantial buyout. laugh.gif laugh.gif
- Super Bantamweight Champion legendary Yuriorkis Gamboa (63-2) has vacated his championship and announced that he doesnt have his eyes on any fight at the moment. As there are no new contender in the division and Twiggy Harris isnt the champion at 126 right now, Gamboa does not believe there is the right fight for him right now. He also said that he feels really honored about prospect Kamen Shanks seeing Gamboa as his idol. Gamboa feels he is a very promosing fighter and will follow his career very interested.

- Adrian Diaconu is probably going to stay with Arena SHO despite some problems he and his team had with promoter Ahmed Oner. Diaconu recently lost his first fight and other promoters seem to have lost interest in signing the Romanian.

- The Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin is reported to have sustained an injury during his roadwork. He is likely to be out of action for several months. Povetkins record stands at 26-3, but he failed fighting for the title against The Prince and was always number 2 or 3 behind Alcarez and Aaron Williams.
Inside INFO : TOS to make Major Announcement!

You read right. Following the card that is being headlined by a World Heavyweight Title showdown between Defending Champion Larry Holmes and #1 Contender and Former Heavyweight Champion, Iron. TOS will be making a major announcement that involves the entire league. What this announcement is we are not sure but rumors are flying about......

stay tuned.....
Harold "Harry" Angus says he doesn't think TOS will announce anything major. Angus said, "He's a bit part player in the boxing world these days. What could he tell anyone that makes them sit up and say, 'wow man'? Nah, Sleep just wants to get his name in the papers."

TOS has announced that January 4, 2009 will set the stage for next Super Fight Weekend. He also announced that Joan Guzman will make his return on that weekend to face either the 140 lbs. or 135 lbs. Champions. TOS is also working with the 36 Chambers to bring out Richard "Dick" Butkiss and CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS from retirement to make the biggest fights for the weekend. The reason for announcing it this early? "So them bums out there can prepare for the next 8 weeks for the biggest show we ever put together! Super Fight Weekend 3 was a dud compared to the 2nd one but number 4 is gonna blow it out the water! I got big big plans for #4, and a couple of surprises! No more games now!"

A traditional staple of the league, Super Fight Weekends are the biggest drawing events in league history, here's a list of the main events from the 3 Super Fight Weekends.

1st Anniversary : Super Fight Weekend III - June 8, 2008

Zab "Super" Judah vs. Joan Guzman - World Jr. Welterweight Championship

Super Fight Weekend II - January 6, 2008

Z Gorres vs. CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS - Undisputed Bantamweight Championship

Harold "Harry" Angus vs. Richard "Dick" Butkiss - Undisputed Cruiserweight Championship

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn vs. "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes III - World Heavyweight Championship

Super Fight Weekend I - August 19, 2007

CyruS "Iron" vs. Lanky "Maxy" Gawn - World Heavyweight Championship

Richard "Dick" Butkiss vs. CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS - World Light-Heavyweight Championship

CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS vs. Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel - World Bantamweight Championship

Stay tuned for more news

- Iron disappeared after his shutout loss to Larry Holmes for the World Heavyweight Title.

- Jimmy Jack Judah has officially moved up to 147 lbs. the former Lineal Jr. Welterweight Champ has issued a challenge to Brittney Skye for the World Welterweight Championship.

- Undefeated Puerto Rican sensation, Trinidad (18-0-0 16KOs) is contemplating on either taking out top 10 contenders at 147 or moving up to 154 and challenging World Jr. Middleweight Champion Richard "El Toro" Gutierrez. Trinidad's people has sent out word to see if Gutierrez would be interested.

- Miguel Cotto was looking tired and slightly beaten up in his 12 round shutout victory over Juan Miguel Cotto. Cotto is said to be looking at contenders, Ricardo "Mochuelo" Torres & Mitul "Eye" Piyeh as his next possible opponents with the longshot against Mike Taylor. He is said to also want to fight for the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Titles against the winner of Herrera - Ngoudjo.

- Nigel McGuinness has issued a challenge to Chad Dawson for the Undisputed Light-Heavyweight Championship. The Pride of the United Kingdom has been inactive during his contract dispute with TOS but will put aside his differences if he can secure a fight with Dawson or find a trade with Deep Freeze.
Angus has promised to get involved in the next super fight weekend and is said to be delighted that some of the sports biggest names could be set to return on January 4th.

"Its a long way away but it gives everyone time to build up to a huge weekend. I'll be active in ensuring something big happens from my promotional point of view. In fact, if Red Death is still champion on that date I will fight him. With no conditions. Unless something bigger arises of course. I'll also speak with Deep Freeze and Dipsy to see if I can encourage them to fight on the bill."
QUOTE(CyruS @ Nov 2 2008, 05:36 AM) [snapback]409032[/snapback]
- Nigel McGuinness has issued a challenge to Chad Dawson for the Undisputed Light-Heavyweight Championship. The Pride of the United Kingdom has been inactive during his contract dispute with TOS but will put aside his differences if he can secure a fight with Dawson or find a trade with Deep Freeze.

- Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn feels his hands are tied because he doesn't yet have the level of fighter necessary to do a trade for McGuinness. "I'd love to have him here but I can't convince other gyms to do me favours for nothing. I did negotitate the deal that took Muckles Reilly to TOS but he's been inactive ever since. I think that is a waste."
-Larry Holmes defeated "Iron" ViruS easily in a messy bout. Holmes dictated the pace with his jab and constantly hit "Iron" with right hands all night. "Iron" was tired and slightly beaten up after the fight, Holmes not tired. Holmes is being attacked constantly by new Heavyweights. He is unsure of his next move and will discuss things with his team and Angus.

-Legends Zab Judah & Carlos Quintana battled to a 12 round draw. Judah embraced Quintana and said they should move on. Judah is looking to get on a winning streak over tomato cans from 140-147. He promises to participate in the Super Fight weekend.

-#1 Contender for the Lightweight title, Argenis Mendez gets his shot at Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Ramirez next Sunday. Mendez is a fantastic fighter with KO wins over Simone Sin and Kelson Pinto. He has compiled an undefeated record of 21-0-2 (9 KO's). The champion, Joe Luis Ramirez, has a 31-26-0 (31 KO's) record and is considered one of the greatest stories in WeBL boxing. Mendez looks to beat him up but trainer Paulie Malignaggi says he expects it to be a tough fight for his fighter Mendez.
Former P4P king Yuriorkis Gamboa who has retired recently has announced that he would consider a comeback if a really big fight came up the horizont. He mentioned that he still has big interest in a fight against Here We Go or Guzman and would be willing to take some time in order to prepare his body for the right weight class and that he would be willing to make a longer comeback so he could get some good wins previously to the big fight. The Cuban sensation seems to have his eyes on the next Super Fight Weekend.
Well know mob boss "Da Don" has opened his own Gym. Many think that it will be used as a way to launder money and train his own hitmen. He has signed several castoffs and plans to make them as tough as they come. The "gym" is a sprawling technilogical dream attached to a 100 plus room mansion formerly owned by Evander Holyfield. All of his fighters are staying in one house.
Following a new influx of talent to his Gym, two long time warriors for Bigjuicyhog have hung up their gloves.

Dustin "Left Hook" Brookshire was a perrenial contender with a 27-17(4) record. He decided to retire after going 1-6 in his last 7 bouts. Brookshire failed in multiple world title bids against the likes of Vitali Tajbert, Darnell "Good News" Jiles, and Demetrius "Unda Fiya" Pietrus. He asso battled with other champions such as Tera Patrick, Junior Do Prado, and Pascual Pacino. He is now an assistant trainer under BigJuicyHog, taking Richard "The Juggernaught" Johnson's former position.

Jorge "El Gordo" Sanchez has retired with a record of 24-13-5(3), He has gone 1-7 in his last 8 bouts and it is feared the pugilistic dementia is setting in. He has been forgetting several small things and at times does not remember members of his own family. He never got his title shot, but fought some of the best, including Junior Do Prado, Vitali Tajbert, Daniel Reyes, Flashy Jackson, Freddy "The Finisher" McPhearson, and Shane Moses. He has moved back to Mexico where he will hopefully get better soon.
"Skinny" Doyle McGee has become a 3 time world champion by knocking out "Awesome" Awesome in the second round.
QUOTE(Blayde @ Nov 2 2008, 03:21 PM) [snapback]409049[/snapback]
Former P4P king Yuriorkis Gamboa who has retired recently has announced that he would consider a comeback if a really big fight came up the horizont. He mentioned that he still has big interest in a fight against Here We Go or Guzman and would be willing to take some time in order to prepare his body for the right weight class and that he would be willing to make a longer comeback so he could get some good wins previously to the big fight. The Cuban sensation seems to have his eyes on the next Super Fight Weekend.

Gamboa can hang around in the retired section for as long as it takes because he still needs those really big names to cement his legacy - even though he's far and away the best featherweight ever and a man whose record is never likely to be repeated.
BTW Happy Birthday to Cyrus!
- "Fabulous" Freddie Futura retained his light heavyweight title with a close but unanimous decision over Brandon "The polish Hammer" Wiechec. Freddie is happy to defend against anyone.

- Taurean "ChillZ" Posey back up his claims that he would beat "Hardcore" Dexter Moore with ease. Posey had Moore down and really badly busted up. The referee had to send Moore to see the ringside doctor at the end of the 6th and the doctor ruled that an out-matched Moore, supporting a fractured nose and two shut eyes, was in no state to continue. Posey thus retains his middleweight crown.

- Maxy "Liquid Shadow" Gawn was beaten via unanimous decision in his challenge for Jong "Red Death" Shaotings Cruiserweight titles.

- Sergiy Dzinziruk was badly outclassed as he failed in his attempt to win the light middleweight crown from the fearsome Richard "El Toro" Gutierrez. An exhausted an badly bust up Dzinziruk couldn't come out for the final round.

- Lucien Bute will once again face Jean Pascal after destroying Paul Briggs in 10 one-sided rounds.

- Teddy Bunter made up for his controversial disqualification victory over Evander Holyfield by flooring Holyfield 3 times in the 1st round to force a stoppage. Bunter will now challenge for the heavyweight title.

- Wexley "Power" Gawn is still in a coma.
- The Grandson of the late Giant Man, Giant Man III (18-0-0 18KOs) is said to be itching for a title shot.

- Jimmy Jack Judah avenged his welterweight debut loss to Ali Chebah with a devastating knockout in the 2nd round. Jimmy says he's looking at the winner of Skye-Taylor for the title.

- Trinidad suffered a 10th round knockout defeat to Welterweight Champion Brittney Skye when Trinidad made a costly error and opened up to much against the dangerous puncher. Trinidad was leading on all scorecards till the knockout. Trinidad is looking for a rematch with Skye and soon.

- Miguel Cotto looked dangerously old against Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion Juan Apuro Herrera. Cotto, refusing to retire and dropped to Lightweight to take on dangerous knockout puncher JoJo.

- Nigel McGuinness put his differences aside with TOS and fought his first fight in 2 months against former world champion Timberwolf Johnson. The Pride of the UK won by knockout in the 9th and is now lined up to face former Undisputed Light-Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson in a big fight. Nigel said "I've been trying to get out of my contract for the past 2 months to join up with Deep Freeze but it just seems that currently at this time it just can't be done. Deep Freeze does not have the talent to make the trade with TOS. I've been sick and tired watching these other bloody light heavyweights come in while I've been on the shelf. I'm back now and I will regain the Undisputed Title for the UK!"
Cotto is crazy...there is absolutely nothing he can do to beat JoJo...JoJo is the most perfect fighter in my gym.
Red Death has been fighting masterfully. He has another rough fight coming up this week.

Can I make a fighter to get matched against cupcakes like Cyrus where I can get to 18-0 without fighting any serious competition? Also, I would like to match Rj "The Freak" Mendoza against only bums until the next time he can earn a title shot.
-Larry Holmes won an unimpressive UD over 7'1 Carlos "The Troof" Soriona. Holmes won majority of the rounds over the taller fighter with a superior jab and skills. Holmes failed to make a statement. Holmes would like to see Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn fight HW Champion Tony Maxwell. After the fight, Holmes would say "Carlos was a bit ackward man. I mean, the dude's 7'1 with a good jab. Beating a faded Lanky Gawn means nothing though. I knew this would be easy work. And for the record, I don't want to fight Maxwell yet. Deep Freeze is back, I say give him a chance to make history. He is the greatest fighter of all time."

-Zab Judah made history by knocking out Jose Luis Ramirez to become a 3 division Champion. Judah hurt Ramirez early and finished the fight with a few seconds remaining in the 1st round.

-JoJo dominated fading 8x Champion Miguel Cotto by UD.

-Raiden is back from his rest and is looking to earn a title shot in the near future.
- Ronnie "The Face" Baxter has called for an immediate rematch with Jong "Red Death" Shaoting after the champion was handed a controversial 12 rounds split decision victory. Baxter surprised everyone by opting to box Shaoting and going into the final round most observers had the bout dead level. Baxter hurt Shaoting midway through the 12th and seemed to have done enough to take the title, but the decision went to Red Death, amid a chorus of boo's. Baxter said, "I won the fight, I feel devastated that the judges stole it from me. I don't blame Red Death, he didn't score the fight, but I want a rematch and I deserve a rematch. I am the peoples champion!"

- Reggie "The Kiss" Hope knocked out Bubba Hollis in round number 9 to earn himself a world title shot against Eric "The Red" Thorin.

- In an entertaining fight Teddy Bunter failed to take the heavyweight title from "Too Tall" Tony Maxwell when he was knocked out in round 6. Bunter neglected his defense and paid the price, admitting afterwards, "He hit harder than I imagined he could."

- Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn won a hard-fought unanimous decision over Tamar Swan and told reporters he was actively seeking a bout with "Too Tall" Tony Maxwell. "I was a whisker away from beating The Prince last time I tried for the heavyweight title, I'd like one more shot at it."

- "Fabulous" Freddie Futura feels he was robbed in losing his title to Andre Dirrell in a fight that could have gone either way. Futura said, "As champion I should have got the nod. It was a bad decision and I am gutted."

- Lucien Bute continued his incredible rivalry with Jean Pascal, knocking out Pascal in round 12 to regain the world super middleweight title.
Kole "The Ghetto Enforcer" Brown continues to show everyone he's one of the baddest Light Heavyweight on the scene....knocking Briana Banks, Adrian Diaconu, and Shaun George out in a 9 day's important to note that he has also avenged two of his losses by KO as well...Yamboa Bell and last night with Shaun George.

Freddy "The Finisher" McPheerson
is still a force when he focused....he's knocked out two former Champions lately....avenging his losses against Ray De Los Santos a few weeks ago and demolishing the heralded, Demetris Pietrus, last night....being the first one to seperate him from his senses.

Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan is comtemplating retirement after his KO loss to Grey Fox. He said he will retire the next time he loses...

Lanky "Maxy" Gawn lost his second in a row....and got KOed by Jacob Babylon last night...rumors have it he is unhappy about being ducked for so long and isn't happy with his management and "neglect" of training. If this IS the case...I may be interested in some trade(s) for him.

Jean Pascal has called out Soup Bone to another battle. Theres still some unfinished business after Pascal went down uncountable times before getting the KO victory himself last time. Unfortunately Sloan doesnt seem to be the fighter he used to be.
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