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Full Version: Travis "Tremendous" Simms is retired
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After fighting Tony Palomino a last and final time and beating him with a UD on July 13th, Travis Simms has decided to hang up his boxing gloves with his record standing at 45-2-7 with 13 KOs and 40 title wins.

He had started his career already recognized as a very talented Super Welterweight, but failed in his first title chance when he fought to a draw against back then top Super Welterweight Bugsy Long Gawn and also failed in his second shot got outscored and stopped in the 12th by then P4P fighter Super.

When Super wasnt around at 154 anymore, Simms once again got his shot and started the longest title reign ever to date back at the time setting up a new record for consecutive title defenses. He beat the likes of Otto Blatty, "Mean" Joe Greene, Tariq Wheeler, Brittney Skye, Manuel Cortez, Ronald Hearns and even Cyrus "Super" Virus when Super decided to come back and battle through some very close and competitive fights with Simms.

Later Simms had to make the losing experience for the 2nd time in his career when he was upset by Joppy who won a UD but Simms avenged that loss and continued his dominant reign beating the likes of Sergiy Dzinziruk, Lights Out and Terry Norris who even took him to a draw one time. But the man who was his biggest challenge was Tony Palomino who fought to 4 consecutive draws against Travis Simms. They battle even 4 times more and Simms won all 4 of these last battles once again proving hes one of the best P4P.

At one time he was regarded as the undisputed number 1 P4P and now Travis Simms has ended his career and will take some time off before he will join Luis Collazo as a head trainer in the Arena SHO gym.
Definite HOF and IMO the greatest light middleweight champion in the history of our league. Also ranks in the top 10 (highly) as one of the best fighters to grace fighthype webl.

Tony Palomino paid tribute to Simms on hearing about his retirement.

He said, "Simms was just a technically superb fighter. He could adapt to any style and was pretty much unbeatable at his very peak. On a personal level I can't say I'll miss him as a fighter cos I could never beat him, but as a man and a champion, he was a credit to the sport. Absolute legend."
Norris, one of Simms most popular rivals, has said that he respects Travis Simms..

Terry Norris has officialy turned into a gatekeeper and will most likely just be a test for younger fighters on the way up.
Definently yes. A Former #1 P4P Fighter. The Best Jr. Middleweight of all time. Broke the all-time defense record that HWG held for months. A true champion.

Super has even come out of inactivity to beat up on some of the young guns that are coming up in the Jr. Middleweight division.
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