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Full Version: Revisiting Abraham-Miranda I
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Jack 1000
I was very pleased that Showtime chose to rebroadcast Abraham-Miranda I. For those who haven't seen it, it is not the original German Broadcast, but with Al Bernstein and Steve Albert calling the action. I only wish that Showtime would have covered this fight live. I wonder why they did not at the time.

We all know about the chaotic 5th round and Randy Newman's absurd 5 point deductions. On the original broadcast viewing, I think I had either Miranda winning or a draw. However, what bothered me most was a good point that Al and Steve made. It was as if Abraham's corner was more concerned about their fighter staying in there trying to win, regardless of his health, rather than preserving the safety of Abrham, who fought amazing with a broken bloody jaw and mouth, and his face all smashed. The doctor was allowed to work on King Arther during the 5 minute rest period because of the intentional low blow. This is illegal. Newman even said that Abraham's jaw was broken several times, but it was like the corner didn't care. The doctor, at least from my recollection, did not even tend to Abraham after the 9th round.

Were the trainer and corner ever reprimanded for their lack of concern for Abraham's safety? I wonder if Newman was afraid to stop the fight on a TKO for Miranda when Abraham first said that he could not fight in that confusing 5th round for fear of a crowd control problem? The ref should not be concerned about the crowd. In fact, both he and the corner should be concerned about the fighters at all times. Randy Newman might have been, but Abrham's corner clearly was not.

Controversy aside, this was a great war and test of wills. Even if the official scoring was a bit too lopsided. Food for thought is how this fight, and especially that 5th round, would have played out in the United States or even in Great Britain. British refs have been known for quicker stoppages when compared to other parts of the world. There is also greater concern for fighter safety especially in USA and British rings. At least there is more of a balance of fair officiating. The German promoters seem to have a great deal of monopolistic control over their fighters, maybe more than they should have.

Yeah, I saw that aired before the rematch, and cited that I thought Miranda got hosed and Newman was atrocious.

Abraham removed all doubt in the rematch, but doesn't erase what happened the first time around, given that Miranda had been through a few wars in between the first and second dances.
I thought the scores were a little wide when I first viewed it, but I had no problem with Abraham winning. He was certainly the better boxer in there, and that was proven in the rematch.

Miranda, it seems, may have shot his bolt, and he's been living off the reputation he got in the first Abraham fight ever since.

If Newman was that worried about the crowd, he should have just stopped the fight and said the doctor told him to do it. I read of an account in I believe Puerto Rico where this happened because they had already told the ref not to get that involved because it was a fight between two people that just did not like each other. Anyway if I remeber right one guy was a bloody mess and the ref knew the fight had to be stopped in fear of the guy getting killed so he stopped it and said the doctor ordered it, I believe the story was in one of Ferdie Pacheco's books.
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