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Full Version: Bunch of veterans retire..
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Hopkins retired after another loss. this guy just cant beat a decent opponent.

Jojo disgusted me so she is done.

Snake cant beat the elite so hes done.

Skywalker also retired as I dont see much potential in him.

Vargas retired for good too.

Kimbo will move to a bum gym.

Its hard to keep these guys active if all they do is lose..

So the only dudes I got now are the Judah bros, Raiden, Norris, Joppy, Grey Fox, Penalosa, and Maul
Shame to see all those good fighters retire but I think I'll be doing a similar thing myself soon the way a lot of my so called top fighters keep losing their big fights.

Although I'll probably just be transferring fighters to the bum gyms so at least they can stay active and act as good opponents for the next breed of upcoming stars.
I might just transfer them..but take's impossible to KO him but he losses by decision everytime.

Same with Snake except for his upset title win.

Im hoping to have a good title run with Maul. 5-7 defenses at least. He's got 2 so far vs top opposition.
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