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Full Version: Alcoholic Wexley gawn takes blame for Krumbsnatcher decline
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Wexley "Power" Gawn has spoken candidly to Fighthype and revealed that his drunken lifestyle took a huge toll on all the fighters at Krumbsnatcher.

He said, "I'm an alcoholic. I drink just to get drunk, 24/7. I began to turn up for training having had no sleep and been drinking heavily. At first it didn't matter as the fighters were moulded to how I wanted them to perform but eventually it took its toll. I don't wanna name names here but several of the current Krumbsnatcher fighters are the most talented the gym has ever had. I trained them badly, advised them wrongly and basically contributed to the huge slump felt around the entire gym. It's my fault and in the end it became obvious to the fighters and the other people involved in Krumbsnatcher. Harry fired me. He walked right up to me and said, 'You got no place here no more - get the fuck out!' I turned to Deep Freeze and he turned his back on me...the only guy to show any sympathy was Dipsy. He drove me to a clinic and I'm getting help to beat my problem. I can't thank him enough for that."

When asked about Krumbsnatchers new trainer (Howard "Golden" Goldstone) Wexley said, "I've seen him work and he's damn good. Already he's made an impact at the gym. It'll take time but I believe he's gonna help revive Krumbsnatcher and I hope and pray he can do it. I believe he can. I'm just so sorry to all the fighters I let down."
Fatnando heard about Wexley Gawn's condition and has called him out to fight at 168.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jul 30 2008, 03:08 PM) [snapback]398093[/snapback]
Fatnando heard about Wexley Gawn's condition and has called him out to fight at 168.


Wexley is still trying to beat the drink but if his programme goes according to plan he should be able to fight Vargas on August 10th.

However, Wexley has no part at Krumbsnatcher so he will have to hope that Dragons Vault accept him into their gym if he is to ever fight again. So far Wexley has made no comment.
Vargas can still make 168, thats kinda impressive biggrin.gif

Wouldnt mind seeing that one.
Wexley has moved to Asylum Shelter and has declared his intentions to fight Fernando Vargas at 168 on August 10th. Speaking today he said, "Vargas called me out and I had to take the fight. If I don't fight I drink and if I drink I will die. I need something to concentrate my mind on and Vargas has given me exactly that. I look forward to beating him up on August 10th!"
Super has issued a challenge to the winner. Whatever weight they choose laugh.gif
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